The UAE adopted their first National Action Plan in 2021 to run until 2024.

Objectives of the 2021-2024 NAP:

The UAE have four long-term objectives, supported by mid-term objectives. The long-term objectives are:

- Integration of women’s needs into foreign policy priorities, including humanitarian aid for women and girls;

- Increase women’s meaningful participation in promotion of conflict prevention and participation in peacebuilding activities;

- Strengthen women’s meaningful participation in peacekeeping forces and within the security sector and strengthen capacity of peacekeeping troops to protect women from sexual exploitation and abuse during deployment;

- Strengthen women’s meaningful participation in preventing violent extremism and other emerging women, peace and security challenges.


The UAE ranks first in the Arab world in the Gender Equality Index, ranking 26th globally. In 2015, the UAE established a Gender Balance Council, which has the objective of reducing the gender gap in all government sectors. They remain an active participant in international conversations on gender equality and women, peace and security. Their action plan includes a range of objectives, supported by specific activities that can be undertaken by the relevant ministries. There is no mention of budget for the NAP. 

Civil society involvement in development of the NAP:

Civil Society institutions are mentioned generally as relevant for implementation of the NAP, but there is no clarity on their role and limited indication of their involvement in the preparation of the NAP. 

UN peacekeeping statistics:

There is no information on UAE’s contribution to UN Peacekeeping missions.  At Sept 2023 UAE was not listed as a contributor.

Women in peacekeeping:

Increasing the participation of women in peacekeeping and in the security sector is a major part of the UAE’s NAP and there are multiple initiatives included to progress this. This includes reference to increased training of those in the security sector, analysis of obstacles preventing women from participating and enhanced recruitment and advocacy campaigns. 

References and Sources:

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