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1.- Enhance the protection of Palestinian women and girls, especially from violations of the Israeli occupation.

·      Improve the quality of support services for women and girls who are victims of violations and gender-based discrimination, mainly violence.

·      Enhance the security of Palestinian women and girls living under Israeli occupation.

2.- Hold the Israeli occupation accountable.

·     Hold the Israeli occupation accountable nationally and internationally for its violations against Palestinian women and girls.

·     Enhance organizational capacities in the monitoring and documentation mechanisms related to the enforcement of UNSC Resolution 1325.

3.- Enhance the participation of Palestinian women in local and international decision-making processes.

·     Develop and increase there presentation of Palestinian women at the leadership level in governmental and non-governmental institutions and support their participation in global institutions.

·     Enhancement of the role of Palestinian women in maintaining civil peace and supporting national unity.


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the world’s longest-running conflicts, which has left women and girls vulnerable and facing incremental discrimination and violence. Therefore, the NAP is aimed at protecting Palestinian women and girls from violations of the Israeli occupation, holding it accountable internationally while ensuring the participation of women without discrimination both locally and on the international stage, developing protection mechanisms for Palestinian women and girls against the violations of the Israeli occupation, and working to increase the participation of women in peacemaking and conflict resolution at all levels, integrating their points of view in peace and reconciliation agreements and addressing the impact of conflict on women.


Civil Society

According to LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security analysis the participation of civil society was ill defined in the NAP. In preparation of the NAP the Ministry of women organized discussions and consultations with civil society organizations, including human rights organizations.  

Women in Peacekeeping

The NAP aims to address an increase in female representation in all levels of the peace-making process. No apparent mention of the recruitment or deployment of women, however, on peacekeeping missions.

UN Peacekeeping Statistics



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