Angola's most recent NAP launched in 2017, for 2017-2020.


  1. Increase women’s participation and integrate the gender equality dimension into all phases of peace-building processes for the building of peace at all decision levels.
  2. Ensuring the training of people involved in the peace-building processes, both on gender equality and gender violence.
  3. Promoting and protecting the respect of human rights of women and girls in conflict and post-conflict zones, taking Into account the need for the prevention and elimination of gender-based violence, sexual violence and the promotion of empowerment of women.
  4. Deepening and disseminating knowledge on the topic of “Women, Peace and Safety”, including training and awareness.
  5. Promoting the participation of civil society in the implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution number 1325 (2000) regarding Women, Peace and Security.
  6. Budgeting from a gender perspective.


This NAP has well-articulated goals, especially with regards to increasing women’s participation in security forces, which includes the  introduction of a target of 40% of decision-making roles held by women. The introductory section details progress that has been made so far with key statistics about women’s participation in different sectors, and uses this framework as a data-driven lens to articulate goals for participation moving into the future. It is also effective in that it identifies key agencies in charge of implementing each key objective.

Civil Society:

On one hand, the Angolan NAP has civil society engagement as one of its high level objectives, a key step in ensuring and centering civil society participation. However, the LSE Centre on WPS reports that there was virtually no civil society consultation in the drafting process, raising questions about the government's commitment to actually incorporating civil society voices rather than just seeing them as instrumental to government-led implementation efforts.

Peacekeeping statistics:

Angola currently does not contribute peacekeeping troops.


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