Republic of Korea

Plan launched 2014


A)  Prevention: 

1. Raise awareness of all persons related to conflict prevention  and the peace    process.                                                                                                      

2. Incorporate gender perspectives into the activities and policies on  conflict prevention and the peace process.                                                                                                                   

3. Develop a prevention system through international cooperation                                                                                                          

B) Participation: 

4. Ensure greater participation of    women in the conflict prevention and peace process                                                                                                 

5. Promote gender equality and equal    participation of men and women in the    decision-making process on peace and security issues                                                                                                                                                    

6. Advocate women’s greater social participation    in fragile and conflict/conflict affected areas                                    

C)  Protection: 

7. Provide support for victims of sexual violence in  conflict                                                                                                       

8. Introduce policies sensitive to women, children, and youth                                                                                                                       

9. Ensure the punishment of sex offenders and    protection of victims in fragile and conflict/conflict affected areas                                                      

10. Support for self reliance of female victims in conflict areas  though ODA projects 


"Korea remains the only divided nation in the world under an armistice agreement  resulting from the Korean War. At the same time, the ROK is an active contributor to development cooperation and peacekeeping operations. Against this backdrop, the establishment of the National Action Plan, designed to  protect women during armed conflict and to strengthen their roles in the areas of peace and security, has special  importance for the ROK.                          

During WWII, the  ROK suffered from grave violations of women’s rights, namely, forced military  sexual slavery    (typically referred to in this specific context as “comfort women”) by the  Japanese Imperial Army. Upon the establishment of the NAP, the ROK Government reaffirms its commitment to  raising the awareness of the international community on issues of sexual  violence during armed conflict, and to further contributing to the prevention  of such violence and protection of the victims."

Civil Society

The NAP was completed by the Government in close cooperation with civil society  " through a public-private consultative body, made up of representatives  from government agencies, civil society, and academia."

Women in Peacekeeping

No  explicit mention to the recruitment of female troops, but an increase in  women participating in policy-making, in government, and as foreign experts  in peace processes. 

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

Police  Officers: 2 out of 2                           Experts on Mission: 1 out of 14          Troops: 29 out of 595

Staff Officers: 3 of 10


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