KOREA (Republic of Korea, South Korea) 

The Republic of Korea has undertaken three National Action Plans on WPS.  The first covered the period 2014-2017, the second 2018-2020, and the third and current NAP covers 2021-2023.

Objectives of the 2021-2024 Republic of Korea WPS NAP:

The ROK's third NAP comprises 11 objectives (listed below) supported by 24 strategies.  

1 Improve the capacity for women, peace and security among people working in areas such as conflict prevention, peace, unification, and international development co-operation;

2 Strengthen gender mainstreaming into the policies on national defence, foreign affairs, security, peace, unification, and public safety;

3 Strengthen international and inter-Korean cooperation in the area of women, peace, and security;

4 Raise public awareness and build consensus on women, peace, and security;

5 Expand women's participation in the areas of national defence, foreign affairs, security, peace, unification, and public safety;

6 Build good governance regarding the women, peace, and security agenda;

7 Ensure effective remedies for victims and survivors of sexual violence by the military and in conflict zones, and strengthen penalties on the offenders;

8 Provide support for female defectors from North Korea and refugee women;

9 Provide support for the restoration of victims and survivors of conflict;

10 Strengthen international development cooperation in the areas of women, peace, and security;

11 Establish a monitoring system and build foundation for effective implementation of the NAP.


The preamble to Korea’s 3rd National Action Plan frames South Korea as a major contributor to peacekeeping missions and development assistance programmes in the 21st Century. It also highlights the country’s national trauma stemming from the history of sexual violence suffered by the Korean ‘comfort women’ at the hands of the Japanese Imperial Army in the 1930s and 1940s

Korea’s NAP is primarily outward-looking and focused on integrating gender issues in international development assistance. In the domestic context, important attention in given to increasing female participation in security and “public safety”, suggesting an interest in improving women’s representation in policing. Objective 8 - supporting female defectors from the North - is particularly significant in the Korean context and positively illustrates understanding that refugee experiences intersect with gender in ways which require specialised support. 

Civil society involvement in development of the NAP:

This third iteration of the NAP was developed in consultation with civil society organisations and academics, alongside government ministries. Civil society involvement is specifically considered in relation to good governance in Objective 6, through the development and maintenance of stronger consultation mechanisms. CSOs are likewise crucial to Objective 10 which includes engagement with and support for “civil society at home and abroad in the implementation of international development cooperation projects related to gender issues” (NAP III, p10).

UN peacekeeping  statistics:

As of September 2023, Korea contributed 542 peacekeeping personnel, of whom 35 were female (6.4%). Korea ranked 38th for peacekeeping contributions in April 2023

Women in Peacekeeping:

The Korean NAP includes discussion of improving training on WPS for peacekeeping troops but makes no mention of plans or desire to increase or maintain the deployment of female personnel.

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