For the period of 2019-2023


1.- Prevention of relapse into conflict and all forms of structural and physical violence against women and girls, including SGBV violence and the threat of terrorism.

2.- Protection women, young women and girls’ safety, physical and mental health are assured,and their human rights respected.

3.- Participation of women, young women and girls in decision-making processes related to the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts and countering terrorism.

4.- Reliefand recovery - women and girls’ specific needs are met in relief, recovery and peacebuilding interventions, including under threat of terrorism and especially those most vulnerable to violence.


Liberia’s civil wars lasted 14 years and ended in 2003 with the signing of the Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). Since then, the country has moved from a transitional government through three presidential elections, in 2005, 2011 and 2017. The first post-conflict elected President was Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who was also the first woman President in Africa.


Civil Society:  

The second generation of Liberia’s National Action Plan was revised andwritten after receipt of recommendations from civil society.


Women in Peacekeeping:

Liberia’s NAP lists the existing and prevailing structural barriers to women’s participation in peace and security processes which include:

·     weak and inadequate representation of womenin national and local decision-making processes;

·     insufficient and unequal access to natural andeconomic resources;

·     strengthening of gender discriminatory relations within society and the family, and

·     a poorly developed community infrastructure.

As a consequence there has been an increase infeminisation of poverty – creating barriers to women’s participation in all spheres of public life and activities.


UN Peacekeeping Statistics:

Contingent:   14 out of 105

Experts:  3 out of 4

Staff Officers:  1 out of 12


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