Sudan adopted its first NAP in 2020, running to 2022.


1 - Actively involving women in peace-building, peacekeeping, peace negotiations and decision-making processes at all levels, and in relief, reconstruction and development.
2 - Promoting the recognition of women’s rights before, during and post armed conflict.
3 - Ensuring the protection of women against any form of gender-based violence, such as rape and sexual slavery, and put an end to impunity. The plan seeks to ensure that the previous objectives are achieved through the following four pillars:
- Participation
- Prevention
- Protection
- Relief and rehabilitation

Civil Society

The NAP was developed “with wide participation” by civil society - 20 meetings with relevant CS organizations to begin, and representation on the committee which drafted the NAP.

Link to Security Women

Although one of the primary objectives of the NAP is involving women in peacekeeping and other peace processes, the NAP includes no mention of promoting women’s participation in the police or the military.

Peacekeeping Statistics

Currently Sudan does not contribute to UN peacekeeping.


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