Belgium adopted their fourth National Action Plan in 2022 for the period 2022-2026. A copy of this is not available yet; however, it is reported to be similar to, and build upon, previous plans. 

In February 2022 the Belgian government issued a press release summarising the contents of the fourth NAP.  The notes that follow are based on the unofficial translation of Belgium’s third NAP covering the period 2017-2021, supplemented where relevant by information in the press release summary about the fourth NAP.

Objectives of 2017-2021 NAP

- To promote the implementation of a international regulatory framework;

- To integrate gender perspectives in the actions taken by Belgium in conflicts, peace and security;

To fight against all forms of violence against women and girls, and specifically sexual violence;

- To encourage women to participate in processes regarding conflict, peace and security;

To support the Agenda for Women, Peace and Security;

- To ensure the oversight and monitoring of the Agenda for Women, peace, and Security, and of the NAP. 


The Belgian Government’s press release in February 2022 about the 4th NAP states: “This fourth plan builds on the experiences gained in the implementation of previous action plans and takes into account an evolving context. For example, the plan anticipates conservative opposition to concepts such as 'gender' and includes action lines on climate change.”

The press release also commits Belgium to focusing on four countries through coordinated action of the various Ministers and State Secretaries in order to “further deepen the implementation of the action plan, particularly in Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali and Niger.”

Civil Society involvement in development of the 2017-2021 NAP

The drafting of the third NAP (2017-2021) was discussed by civil society at a consultation meeting. Belgium also states the need for dialogue with civil society and local women’s organisations to better identify their needs and priorities and to maintain support for women’s peace initiatives. They highlight a renewed commitment to keep civil society informed and involved. 

There is no mention in the press release about the fourth NAP of civil society involvement.

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

As of May 2023, Belgium contributed 5 peacekeeping personnel (4 staff officers and 1 mission expert), all of whom were male.  The total had increased to 6 personnel in July 2023, but this reference does not disaggregate by gender.

Women in Peacekeeping

While information from the fourth NAP is not yet available, the third NAP pledged to encourage women to participate in processes related to conflict, peace and security through measures such as encouraging more women applicants for peacekeeping missions, improving training and advocating for greater inclusion of women at the international level. 

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