1. Provide institutional mechanisms for implementing UNSCR 1325, a process that involves creating an inter-agency working group for monitoring and evaluation. 
  2. Enhance a gender perspective by participating in international WPS implementation efforts, which includes engagement with multilateral institutions. 
  3. Integrate a gender perspective into education programs, specifically for members of the security sector, diplomats, and the judiciary. 
  4. Achieve a gender balance in the domestic security system and police, including promoting women in decision-making roles, 
  5. Achieve gender balance in the security and peace-building sectors such as the military and diplomatic corps. 
  6. Protect protect women from discrimination and gender-based violence, 
  7. Raise awareness to prevent human trafficking. 
  8. Improve coordination and implementation of UNSCR 1325.


The Montenegro NAP begins with an effective analysis of the country’s success in including women in the security forces. While they have yet to achieve gender parity in the military and police, the judiciary is heavily female. Still, the NAP recognizes that there is a long way to go to in terms of discrimination, uneven pay, and inclusion in the formal economic sector for women. It also highlights the problem of human trafficking, a specific issue for Montenegro as a common intermediary country. This NAP addresses these issues through a comprehensive plan with specific actionable items and a thorough monitoring and evaluation mechanism. It also aims to include women in both the domestic and international security sector as active participants in the military, police force, and judiciary, a positive step in achieving the WPS agenda.

Civil Society:

The Montenegro NAP does not mention civil society as an important partner in achieving the WPS agenda, focusing instead on governmental institutions as the main actor. Civil society was also not consulted in the drafting process of the NAP.

Peacekeeping statistics:

Police: 0 out of 1

Experts on Mission: 0 out of 1




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