Mozambique’s first and most recent NAP covered the period of 2018-2022. As of early 2024, a new NAP is being developed.

Objectives/aims of the 2018-2022 NAP:

The objectives and aims of the Mozambique NAP are:

1. Create a favourable environment for the implementation of the legislation on Women, Peace and Security

2. Integrate a gender perspective in all actions and strategies on conflict prevention and management

3. Guarantee the participation of women in decision-making structures in peace and security processes

4. Promote mechanisms to secure increased recruitment, retention, and promotion of women in defence and security, and justice bodies

5. Reinforce the fight against all forms of violence against women and girls in armed and non-armed conflict contexts

6. Expand efforts for the security, physical and mental health and dignity of women and girls

7. Secure the rights of women and girls in conflict and post conflict situations.



After ten years of liberation struggles, Mozambique gained its independence from Portugal in 1975. Not long after this, the country fell into a civil war that lasted 16 years, with a peace agreement being signed in 1992. However, since 2017, the country is far from being peaceful, as it contends with the presence of lower-intensity Islamist insurgencies in the northernmost part of the country. To help stabilise the situation, Rwandan troops have been deployed in Mozambique since 2021. As a result of the conflict, people in the affected regions, especially women and children, suffer from human rights abuses and forced displacement. Mozambique is, moreover, plagued by widespread socio-economic inequalities.

Civil Society’s involvement in development of the NAP:

The NAP includes no specific account of the extent of civil society’s involvement in developing the plan. However, the document states that civil society is jointly responsible for monitoring its implementation.

UN Peacekeeping Statistics:

Mozambique did not contribute any peacekeepers to UN operations, as of November 2023.

Women in Security Institutions:

One of the aims of Mozambique’s NAP is to foster the participation of women in defence and security forces, although no funds are specifically dedicated to this task. Given that Mozambique does not currently contribute any peacekeepers, the plan does not mention the aim to increase women’s participation in international missions.


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