First NAP launched in 2006, revised plan launched for period 2011-2013, and then for 2015-2018. Last NAP was produced from 2019 to 2022



The plan is divided into the following focus areas:  

1.- Peace and reconciliation processes: Create a space for women to enter, remain and contribute effectively in all phases of peace processes, and that both women’s and men’s rights, needs and priorities are respected. Likewise, strive that everyone who is involved in a peace process knows how to integrate the gender perspective in their work.

2.-Implementation of peace agreements: When involved in the implementation of peace agreements, work to facilitate and women’s participation and safeguard women's and men’s rights, needs and priorities.

3.-Operations and missions: Integrate women and men’s security, rights and needs in all areas of operations and mission Norway is participates in. Also, a gender perspective will be applied as regards how organization and personnel operate, in the selection of participants and when building competences.

4.-Humanitarian efforts: Include a gender perspective in Norway’s humanitarian efforts from preparatory analysis to planning, implementation and reporting, giving a particular emphasis to women’s rights and participation.

5.-Sustaining Peace: Support women’s participation and integration of the gender perspective in conflict prevention and the work of sustainable peace.



Norway does not have a recent history of conflict, but plays an important role in international peacekeeping, humanitarian, and development organisations. Promoting conflict resolution and reconciliation is a central aspect of Norwegian foreign policy. As such, the NAP is focused not only on the domestic level but also internationally, reflecting the fundamental principles of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda. Norway’s fourth action plan takes into account the emerging challenges in the international security agenda such as combating violent extremism and security-related aspects of climate change.


UN Peacekeeping Statistics  

Contingent: 2 out of 8  

Experts: 1out of 11

Police:  9 out of 22

Staff Officers:  4 out of 23



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