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Gender Training of Peacekeepers, October 31, 11:15 a.m.-12:45 p.m.

BIC offices, 866 UN Plaza #120

In UNSCR 1325, gender training of peacekeeping personnel is included as a key element

to ensure the eradication of violence against women and girls in conflict but also to

recognize women as early warning of potential conflict and as important contributors to

peace talks and implementation of peace agreements. The inclusion of more female

peacekeepers in UN field-based operations is recognised as an important part of meeting

these requirements.

Some countries have undertaken gender training of peacekeeping troops and police, both

uniformed and civilian personnel, and some of this is in line with DPKO standards, some

less and some more. Training is often seen as inadequate because it is not carried out for all

peacekeeping personnel.

There is little record of the models of training or of their efficacy. And what impact does

training have on the behaviours and attitudes of the peacekeepers themselves? With the

inclusion of more female peacekeepers in field-based roles, are they receiving the specialist

training required to handle, for instance, victims of sexual and gender based violence?

Overall, what has been the impact of gender training on peacekeeping operations? And

what needs to change and what still needs to be achieved?


11.15 Prompt start

11.15 – 11.20 

Welcome and Introduction Zarin Hainsworth

11.20 - 11.30

Juliet Colman “The role of Women in Peacekeeping”

11.30 – 11.40 

Jane Connors “ Preventing and Responding to

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse: A Victim-Centred Approach”

11.40 – 11.50 

Upala Devi “The new UNFPA training

curriculum on addressing sexual and gender-based violence

against women and girls targeted at peace-keeping sending


11.50 – 12.00 

Major General Patrick Cammaert “Female

Military Officers Course”

12.00 – 12.05 

Miranda Saul “Preventing Gender-Based

Violence as a Role of the Peacekeeper”

12.05 – 12.15 

Discussion amongst audience

12.15 – 12.40 


12.40 Thanks & Close - Zarin


Women In Defence - Ice Maidens, 5:45 p.m.-9 p.m., October 22

PA Consulting Group 7th Floor, 10 Bressenden Place London SW1E 5DN

Sophie Montagne is one of six women who formed the first all women team, from any nation, to use muscle power alone to cross Antarctica. They had no back up or support team and relied on each other for physical and mental strength to make the journey.

Some of the team members didn’t think they would be strong enough or bring anything extra to the team but the aim of inspiring other women to be more active and to chase their dreams drove them to keep trying.  

Sophie is a surveillance operator in the Honourable Artillery Company Army Reserves Regiment at the weekends, and during the week works in marketing in Central London. Sophie learnt to ski with the Army and has been obsessed with it ever since. She is a military ski instructor and has raced for her regiment, breaking the national speed limit when she hit 73mph in the downhill.

One of the aims of Sophie’s challenge was to inspire others to be more active and reach for their own goals.  Crossing Antarctica won’t be at the top of many people’s lists, but the teams’ hope is that they encourage women to try something different to reach their full potential.

If you would like to send questions in advance of the evening, even if you are unable to attend, please post them on the Women in Defence LinkedIn group or email Siobhan Austin.

I do hope you will be able to join us. Registration will commence from 17:45 with the event starting at 18.30. There will be time after the presentation for networking over some refreshments.

For further information and to register please contact Nini Ali-Khanby email or telephone on 079 7076 1804.


Women Leaders in Cybersecurity: At the Intersection of Technology, Privacy and Security - 16 October 2018

Vanderbilt Hall, Greenberg Lounge 40 Washington Sq. South, New York

Don't miss the annual Women Leaders in Cybersecurity Conference, October 16, 2018, from 9am to 4pm, brought to you by the NYU Center for Cybersecurity.

This year’s conference, At the Intersection of Technology, Privacy, and Security, will bring together leading women in cybersecurity to address some of the most pressing issues in cybersecurity today.  Featured topics include data privacy and security, cyber defense, government relations, and the impact of synthetic media on human rights and democracy. Joining the lineup will be speakers from firms including Jigsaw (formerly Google Ideas), Microsoft, Uber, Wickr, American Express, ADP, 21st Century Fox, Cisco, Endgame, Palantir and elsewhere, along with high-level former and current government officials and academics.

The previous two conferences were oversubscribed, so please reserve your seat now for this day-long gathering of leading women from across disciplines of cybersecurity—including law, academia, tech, and business—to join an interdisciplinary dialogue on critical cybersecurity issues, and elevate voices of women who are leading the field.

Featured speakers include:

Sylvia Acevedo, CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA

Yasmin Green, Director of Research and Development, Jigsaw, Alphabet (formerly Google Ideas)

Jeanette Manfra, Assistant Secretary for the Office of Cybersecurity and Communications, US Department of Homeland Security

Angela McKay, Senior Director, Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy, Microsoft

And speakers from Palantir, Uber, American Express, Wickr, 21st Century Fox,and more.


International Day of Peace - 21 September 2018

The Cathedral Church of St John the Divine, 1047 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10025

Meaningfulworld United Nations International Day of Peace

To celebrate ATOP (Association for Trauma Outreach and Prevention) Meaningfulworld's 30th anniversary and the United Nations International Day of Peace, Meaningfulworld has planned an exciting program to be held at the majestic and historic Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York City.

The topic of this program is 'Forgiveness for Peace: Upholding the Sustainable Development Goals to heal our World', which directly coincides with SGD 16, 'Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions', calling for inclusive societies, access to justice for all, as well as effective and accountable institutions.

For more details about this event, which is free and open to the public, see:


Inaugural Meeting of the Military Women's Coalition, 7 September 2018

Atlanta, GA, USA

Women have served and fought in every conflict since the American Revolution, yet despite their critical contributions to our national security they continue to face barriers within the military and when accessing the VA benefits and services they have earned while defending our nation.

An advisory group of military women's organizations, convened by the Service Women's Action Network (SWAN),  have joined forces to reach out to and connect with other military organizations across the country that primarily support military women. Whether you are a formal or informal organization, a social group or a Facebook group for service women and women veterans, we are asking you to join us in Atlanta on September 7, 2018 to participate in an inaugural meeting to form a Military Women's Coalition. The coalition will elevate the voices of the current 2.2 million U.S. service women and women veterans and unite them to become a powerful force for change. All military women and women veterans groups, including grassroots groups, social groups, Facebook groups, nonprofit groups and similar organizations are invited to join the Coalition. Register hereA limited number of travel stipends are available. 

Make sure you have a chance to shape the agenda for the Coalition meeting and training workshops! Please complete this survey that will help us answer the questions: Can U.S. service women’s organizations benefit by participating in a coalition of organizations? If so, what benefits, shared expertise, and topic areas would organizations like addressed through a coalition? Results of this survey will be reported back to you and will be discussed at the inaugural convening on Sept. 7 in Atlanta. 


International Association of Women Police Conference, August 26-30, 2018

Calgary, Canada

The 2018 International Association of Women Police Conference will meet August 26-30. This year the focus will be on the policing world and how we can all lead change in our communities and workplaces. During the conference, you will hear from leaders in personal and professional advancement in the following areas:

Organizational culture

Respect and harassment

Investigative strategies and case studies

Recruiting, employment and retention


Community engagement

Working with partners


Diversity and inclusion


Lean In at Columbia University Spring 2018 Conference

Lerner Hall, Columbia University (2920 Broadway, New York, NY 10027)

The conference will have two focuses: first, we want to create a platform for bringing noteworthy insights about female leadership into new light, by highlighting powerful stories from women professionals across many disciplines. Second, the event will serve as a celebration of women and ally communities: the day will both strengthen connections between Lean In members and facilitate new connections. We hope all attendees emerge from the conference more inspired, more educated, and more capable of transcending our society's divisions of race, class, and gender. 


1:00     Registration + Business Exhibition

2:15     Keynotes: Minerva Tantoco (CTO of New York City) & Michelle Wu (Council Member, Los Altos Hills)

3:30     Identity Awareness Activity 

4:30     Lightning Talks

5:30     Connect Cards Activity

6:30     Dinner

RSVP here

Learn more about Lean In at CU


SANS Institute Mentoring Event

Washington, D.C.

November 26, 2017: SANS Institute, the global leader in information security training, has announced a special mentoring event for girls and women in technology, the Women's CONNECT Event. Presented in partnership with ISSA Women in Security SIG, Women's Society of Cyberjutsu, ISACA and WITI, the event will be held December 15 in conjunction with SANS Cyber Defense Initiative 2017, which takes place in Washington, D.C.December 12–19.Groups of Girl Scouts and students as well as individuals are invited to participate in this special event which brings together tomorrow's technology leaders with today's women in technology. This is an interactive evening of activities for girls and includes real-world talks with female mentors and women currently working in the cyber security profession.

According to Adriana Sanford, Internationally-recognized privacy and cybersecurity scholar, "STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers have become critical to meeting the world's challenges and to building better opportunities for tomorrow. Outreach, recruitment, and mentoring is needed to encourage more female participation. Only 16% of female students around the world graduate with majors in STEM subjects. It is our hope, through programs like the Women's CONNECT event that we can make a positive change and open the door for more female cyber security professionals."

To learn more about the Women's CONNECT Event, or to register to attend this complimentary event, please visit:

Read more: SANS Mentoring Event Aims to Foster the Next Generation of Women in Technology (CISION PR Newswire,


16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence

Various Locations

The International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) is sponsoring the campaign 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence from November 25 to December 10. In 2017, the 26th year of the campaign, the focus is on working  together to end gender-based violence in education. The goal of the campaign is to continue to build awareness and advocate for an end to all forms of gender-based violence.The IANSA Women's Network invites members and friends to join in this campaign using the theme: "Real Men Don't Need Guns. End Gender-Based Violence." Most of the world's small arms are in the hands of men, and they are the primary perpetrators and victims of gun violence. This is due in part to the social construction that power comes from the barrel of a gun. Guns are closely linked to traditional perceptions of masculinity, and this has contributes to different forms of violence including gender-based violence. In this year’s 16 Days of Activism campaign, we take on the issue of violent masculinity and call for an end to gun violence. Network members will carry out awareness-raising activities such as:

  • Holding a talk or seminar on the topic of gender and gun violence.
  • Holding a public photo campaign inviting people to hold photos of this sign.  This leaflet  can be handed out the event. Share the photos on social media and other sites. Scroll down to see example photos.
  • Lobby and campaign for laws, policies, and programs addressing gender-based gun violence. 
  • If your country or city has a voluntary weapon surrender system, share information about it and encourage involvement.
  • Do radio or TV interviews on gender-based violence and small arms.
  • Write an op-ed piece on the topic.
  • Encourage local faith-based organizations to address the topic of gender-based violence and small arms in their faith activities.
  • Use social media and other platforms to promote Sustainable Development Goal 5.2 (ending all forms of violence against women and girls).  On November 25 (​International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women), you can tweet: "Eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls. #16DAYS #IANSAWomen #SDG5 #Target2 #Envision2030" along with this image. Scroll down for more information about SDG 5.2.
  • Pass out stickers or buttons with this image 
  • Establish a gun-free zone in your community.
  • Hold a march, rally, or peace walk, calling for an end to gender-based violence.
  • Call for stronger laws to take guns away from perpetrators.

For more information about the 16 days campaign, click "See More"


UK premiere of play 'Oslo'

Harold Pinter Theatre, London, UK

J T Rogers’ play, Oslo, is performed at the National Theatre, London, from 5 - 23 September. It opens in the West End, London, at the Harold Pinter Theatre from 2 October to 30 December.

It draws on the experiences of Norwegian diplomat Mona Juul and her husband, social scientist Terje Rød-Larsen who fixed secret meetings between the State of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation.

The Free Thinking BBC Radio 3 programme: ‘Diplomacy’ discusses the play and the art of negotiation with

Philip Dodd and guests, Sir John Jenkins, Gabrielle Rifkind, Michael Burleigh, and Dr Beyza Unal

Tuesday 19 September, 22.00 hrs

Sir John Jenkins is a former diplomat and Executive Director of The International Institute for Strategic Studies - Middle East. He's been HM Consul-General in Israel, and Ambassador to Syria, Iraq and Saudia Arabia.

Gabrielle Rifkind is a senior consultant to the Middle East Programme, which she founded and directed until 2015. She is the Director of the Oxford Process, an independent preventive diplomacy initiative pioneered through her dialogue work with Oxford Research Group (ORG).

Michael Burleigh is a historian and author of books including A Cultural History of Terrorism; Small Wars, Far Away Places: The Genesis of the Modern World and Moral Combat: A History of World War Two.

Dr Beyza Unal is a research fellow with the International Security Department at Chatham House. She specializes in nuclear weapons policies and leads projects on chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear weapons. Dr Unal is also conducting research on cybersecurity.

Programme Producer: Eliane Glaser


The International Association of Women Police, 2017 Conference

Cairns, Queensland, Australia

The International Association of Women Police (IAWP) and the Australasian Council of Women and Policing (ACWAP), supported by the Queensland Police Service (QPS) are delighted to host the 2017 International Women & Law Enforcement Conference.

For the first time, this global event will be held in Cairns, Queensland, Australia - an excellent opportunity to showcase the beauty of tropical North Queensland.  Cairns is known for its community spirit, which aligns perfectly with the conference theme. The chosen theme “Global Networks: Local Law Enforcement” was selected to highlight the importance of partnerships and celebrate the cooperation between law enforcement agencies and the community around the globe.

ACWAP and IAWP are renowned for delivering world class events to promote women and law enforcement. The conference will incorporate the 55th IAWP Annual Training Conference & Award and Recognition Programs, together with the 10th Biennial ACWAP Conference and the 19th ACWAP Excellence in Policing Awards.  Experts from national and international law enforcement agencies, family and community agencies, legal representatives, academics, researchers and community groups all collaborate to make these events a resounding success.

The 2017 International Women & Law Enforcement Conference is an exciting opportunity for Australasian police and law enforcement partners to join our global community and enhance women in law enforcement and other community protection roles.


Gun Free Valentine Campaign

Pretoria, South Africa

Pretoria, South Africa – Gun Free South Africa, the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and Sonke Gender Justice have launched the #GunFreeValentine campaign to highlight that women in South Africa are more likely to be killed by an intimate partner than by a stranger, with firearms in the home posing a specific risk.

Research by the Medical Research Council (MRC) of South Africa shows that 57% of women killed in South Africa are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends and that a woman is killed by her intimate partner every eight hours. Romi Sigsworth, a gender expert with the ISS, notes that the complexity of intimate partner violence means a range of interventions are needed to reduce risk and build resilience. ‘The problem is that interventions like early childhood development, creating jobs and tackling substance abuse are often long-term and expensive’. ‘A short-term and effective response to reduce the lethality of intimate partner violence is to remove the weapon used to threaten, injure or kill,’ says Sigsworth. ‘Guns by their nature are especially deadly. Proactive action by the police and courts to get guns out of the home can save lives by reducing the lethality of domestic violence’.

Gun Free South Africa’s Adèle Kirsten explains why the #GunFreeValentine campaign is being launched on Valentine’s Day: ‘In a patriarchal country like South Africa, gun ownership is sometimes seen as a sign of love; a man buys a gun to protect himself and his family from stranger danger’. ‘However, it is a myth that a gun in the home increases a family’s safety. Research shows that a woman is more at risk of being shot in her home with a legal gun owned by her partner than of being shot by a stranger’, says Kirsten.

The MRC research found that a legal gun is used in 75% of cases in which a woman is shot and killed, and in 60% of cases this shooting occurs in her home. ‘The #GunFreeValentine campaign, which runs from 14 February until International Women’s Day on 8 March is a call to action’, says Angelica Pino from Sonke Gender Justice. ‘It aims to alert women to the risks of a gun in the home; and how the law can be used to save a life. Both the Firearms Control Act and Domestic Violence Act give women the power to take action against domestic violence by requiring police or court officials to confiscate firearms or other dangerous weapons when a domestic violence complaint involving a gun or other weapon is made’.

Any woman who lives in fear of a gun or other dangerous weapon in her home can ask the police or the courts to remove the weapon immediately. Contact: Gun Free South Africa

– Claire Taylor: Adèle Kirsten: Institute for Security Studies – Romi Sigsworth: Sonke Gender Justice – Mbuyiselo Botha: Nonhlanhla Skosana:


Are Women an essential part of Security Sector Reform and the achievement of SDG 16?

Drew Room of the Church Center for the United Nations

This parallel event, taking place on Monday 14 March 2016, in the Drew Room of the Church Center for the United Nations, New York, will consist of a panel of speakers talking about the role of women in human security. The admittance of more women into security institutions, in particular, the military and police, has generated much debate and controversy, often not advancing beyond arguments around physical capability.

There is a paucity of research in this area, and this is hampered by a sensitivity to national security and political control. The picture globally commonly portrays security as a male job, often legislating against allowing women equal opportunities in terms of employment and participation in security sectors. It has become increasingly apparent that female police and military personnel in UN peacekeeping operations are a valuable and essential resource to prevent conflict and build peace and community trust. The Commission on the Status of Women takes place 14 - 24 March 2016 in New York and the priority theme is 'Women's empowerment and its link to sustainable development’.


Gender Awareness in the Security and Defence Field

University of San Diego, 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA 92110, USA

April 27 – 28, 2017

The University of San Diego’s Institute for Peace and Justice, at the Kroc School of Peace Studies, will host a full day high-profile event on Gender Awareness in the Security and Defence Field. The event will bring together members of the security and defense sectors from throughout Southern California, students, academics and leading practitioners. Speakers include national and international experts in security and defense policy and operations; the event will be headlined by H. E. Rose Gottemoeller, NATO Deputy Secretary General.

All events on April 27 are free and open to the public. The event, and associated research and training protocols, have been made possible by a NATO Science for Peace and Security Grant.


The Status of Integrating Women in US Combat Jobs and Units: Successes and Challenges

Dirksen Senate Office Building, Rm SD-106, Washington DC, USA

Sponsored by Senator Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY); organised by Service Women’s Action Network

In 2013, the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff announced the repeal of the rule that prohibited women from being assigned to combat jobs and combat units. The Services were directed to develop and complete integration implementation plans by April 2016. The Services are now one year into full integration.  Military and civilian experts will examine the progress made toward full integration and the challenges that remain.

Opening Remarks: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)

Panel Discussion: Integration Successes

Welcome and Introduction: Ellen Haring (Service Women’s Action Network, US Army Colonel-Retired)

  • Holly Hemphill (National Women’s Law Center, Senior Counsel)

History of integration-for more than six decades women have slowly integrated military occupations and units. Ms. Hemphill will provide a brief overview of the trends that have supported or impeded the gradual opening of occupations and units.

  • BG Hugh Van Roosen, invited (Department of the Army, Deputy G1)

The Army is well into full integration. BG Van Roosen will provide an update on where the Army stands with full integration, as well as the successes and challenges to date.

  • 2LT Katrina Simpson, NH USANG, Infantry Officer AND 2LT Anna Traylor, USA Armor officer

2LT Simpson and 2LT Traylor are graduates of the first integrated infantry and armor officer courses. They will describe their motivation for joining, their initial training, and how standards were applied during their training.

Panel Discussion: Ongoing Challenges

  • Kate Germano (LtCol, USMC Retired)

Kate Germano is a former commander of the all women USMC recruit training battalion. She will outline the problems associated with segregated boot camp and how to overcome those challenges.

  • Joe Plenzler, invited (LtCol, USMC Retired Infantry Officer) AND Greg Jacobs (Capt, USMC veteran)

Former Marine Corps infantry officers. They will discuss physical requirements of the infantry branch as related to recently published standards for the Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course.

  • Gillian Thomas (American Civil Liberties Union, Staff Attorney)

Ms. Thomas will outline past and ongoing legal challenges related to women’s full integration.

Q & A


Women’s Work in Security: a Man’s World?

The Chapel, Community Church of New York, 40 East 35th Street, New York 10016

A parallel event to the 61st UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).

The speakers at this panel event will highlight women’s vital roles in the protection and security of citizens. Topics range from security sector reform in Colombia to peacekeeping in the DRC and women in cyber-security. Without the gendered diversity of workforce, the needs of all of society are often inadequately catered for, and where are the women in senior and decision-making positions?

Panel of Speakers:

Chair: Dr Juliet Colman, Director, SecurityWomen

Alexandra Amling, Researcher, One Earth Future

Lea Biason, Gender Officer, Police Division, UN Peacekeeping Operations

Major Rachel Grimes, Gender Advisor, Military Division, UN Peacekeeping Operations

Lucy Owen, National Alliance of Women’s Organisations (NAWO) YWA


UK Exhibition - Women and the Royal Navy

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Visitor Centre, Victory Gate, HM Naval Base, Portsmouth PO1 3LJ

‘Pioneers to Professionals: Women and the Royal Navy’ exhibition will reveal the impact of women’s involvement from the seventeenth century onwards, during both world wars, the Cold War to integration and beyond, to today’s serving personnel.

Free with a valid ticket.