Spain adopted their most recent NAP in 2017, to run until 2023.


1. Integrate a gender perspective into the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts and of peacebuilding.

2. Ensure the significant participation of women in the processes of adopting decisions regarding conflict prevention, management, and resolution.

3. Guarantee the protection of and respect for the human rights of women and girls in conflict and post-conflict situations. 

4. Effectively mainstream the gender perspective into the definition of specific measures on reparation and recovery involving the victims of conflicts.


Spain experienced a long-lasting internal conflict with ETA, resulting in hundreds of casualties. ETA was an armed separatist organization founded in1959, with the objective to establish an independent Basque State. In 2011 ETA announced a unilateral ceasefire and in 2018 the organisation disbanded.

Civil Society

According to the LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security, civil society involvement was clearly defined in Spain’s NAP: civil society is involved in the preparation, monitoring and implementation of the Plan.

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Spain is a contributing donor to the The Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund, a global partnership that works to empower women in conflict zones and humanitarian crises. Spain is also a partner of the Call to Action on Protection from Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies, a multi-stakeholder initiative that aims to mitigate and provide accountability for gender-based violence in humanitarian emergencies.

Peacekeeping Statistics

As of 2021, Spain contributed 639 peacekeepers, of which 590 were male and 49 female


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