Plan launched 2014


The  Gambia NAP is organised into three main pillars, in allignment with UNSCR  2325, which include:                                                                                         1. Participation                                                                                               

2. Prevention                                                                                                 

3. Protection                                                                                                    

 All of which have a number of strategic issues and indicators of  achievement.


"The  action plan is based on the Gambia’s experience and its local circumstances.  Consequently, it outlines steps to be taken by The Gambia Government to  ensure greater respect for women’s right to participation in the  decision-making processes on equal footing with men. The action plan also  outlines mechanisms that the GOTG will continue to put in place to eliminate  discrimination against women and to end SGBV perpetrated against women. It  also outlines how women could be involved in the security sector, conflict  resolution mechanisms and peace processes, including peace-keeping  operations."              

Civil Society

Civil  Society organisations have been assigned as an active member of the steering  committee to evaluate and control the implementation of the GNAP.

Women in Peacekeeping

It is  mentioned the aim to "Proactively recruit and promote more women to  increase their quotas in decision making particularly with regard to conflict  prevention and decision making", including mediation, full participation  in the electoral process and as peacekeepers and the security sector as a  whole. As well as at community level by appointing more women chiefs and  councillors. 

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

Police  Officers: 15 out of 25  Experts  on Mission: 5 out of 8   Troops: 14 out  of 132 

Staff Officers: 1 of 7


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