Czech Republic

Plan launched 2017-2020


1.  Balanced representation  of women and men in decision-making positions                                                                                              

 2. Promote reconciliation of work and private life, including measures  relating to the issue of WPS                                               

 3. To include a gender perspective in planning, implementation and  evaluation of policies and concrete actions in connection with the agenda WPS  is necessary to ensure sufficient education and awareness of gender  equality                                                                  

 4. International cooperation on enforcement issues WPS                                                                                                                    

 5.  Dignity and integrity of  women in relation to the issue of WPS 


This  is the Czech Republic's first Action Plan. It is currently involved in  multiple conflicts as a member of NATO. Since its split with Slovakia in  1993, citizens, particularly women are still facing the risk of  discrimination and GBSV.

Civil society

The Action Plan had been developed through the participation of representatives  of Civil Society Organisations and other actors. And one measure of the  Action Plan refers to the greater integration between the military and police  task forces and the non-governmental sector.

Women in Peacekeeping

The Czech Republic Action Plan is actively trying to support the increased  representation of women in the military and police forces through monitoring  the data of men and women entering the security sector, and by promoting this  through colleges and universities, too.

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

Experts on Mission: 1 out of 9             Troops: 1 out of 2

Staff Officers: 3 out of 7


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