Czech Republic launched its first WPS NAP in 2017.  The second and the most recent one was launched in 2021 to cover the period 2021-2025.  In addition to the text of the NAP there is an Excel sheet setting out agencies responsible for each activity within each objective, and indicators by which each of these activities will be monitored.

Objectives of the 2021-2025 NAP

- Strengthen women's participation and leadership in all areas related to peace and security;

- Systematically strengthen gender mainstreaming in all areas related to peace and security;

- Actively participate in strengthening conflict prevention through the promotion of women's rights and gender equality;

- Provide and support adequate development and transformation cooperation, and humanitarian assistance geared towards the needs of women and girls.



This is the Czech Republic’s second NAP. Compared to the earlier one, it is said to be “significantly stronger” [1]. While the Czech Republic is not directly involved in any conflict, it has participated in many international missions of NATO, EU as well as the UN. The NAP focuses on both internal issues and international deployment, cooperation, and aid.

Involvement of civil society in development of the NAP

Similar to the first NAP, members of NGOs and academia were involved in the preparation process. This time the “drafting was much more inclusive, as more civil society representatives participated in the initial consultations” [1]. However, not all of their recommendations were included in the final version.  

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

In May 2023 the Czech Republic was contributing 18 UN peacekeeping personnel, of which 6 were women:  2 mission experts/observers, 1 police officer, and 3 army staff officers. 

Women in peacekeeping

The NAP does not set out any specific policies to promote women’s participation in the armed forces and the police. However, it does seek to identify barriers to women joining the organisations and to participating in international missions and, based on that, it develops a set of recommendations with the aim of fostering women’s deployment abroad. Particular attention is also given to information activities regarding the WPS agenda.

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