Plan launched 2015-2018


Pillar  1: Participation of women in managing conflict and post-conflict  situations                                                                                           

Pillar 2: Protecting women against violence and protecting women’s  rights during conflict and post conflict periods                                                                                        

Pillar 3: Fighting impunity                                                                                

Pillar 4: Prevention by raising awareness of the issues linked to the  fight against gender violence, women’s rights and gender rights                                                                                                           

Pillar 5: Promoting the “Women, Peace and Security” agenda regionally  and internationally  


This is France's revised edition of their NAP in implementing Resolution 1325. It has a clear commitment to the WPS agenda by supporting the WPS resolutions and providing support in international operations. France is also a member of  the Security Council and aims to be focusing on combating impunity as well  as fighting for sexual and reproductive rights and violence against women.

Civil Society

Civil Society organisations have been mentioned briefly in the matrix to have increased support in working with women with access to justice and towards  the fight against impunity. 

Women in Peacekeeping

The objectives of France's second NAP include the increased "participation  of women in command posts or positions of responsibility in France" as  well as in all decision-making processes in the countries affected by  conflict.

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

Police Officers: 1 out of 25       Experts on Mission: 1 out of 2   Troops: 57 out of 657     Staff Officers: 1 of 50


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