1. Participation

  • Promote the equal participation of women in peace processes and in decision-making regarding peace and national and international security.
  • Generate conditions for the effective participation of women in state institutions.

2. Prevention

  • Include the gender perspective in conflict prevention efforts within contexts of citizen insecurity and social violence.
  • Mechanisms for early detection and prevention of violence against women and girls, in contexts of social violence, with special emphasis on the prevention of sexual violence.

3. Protection

  • Generate and promote measures to guarantee the protection of the rights of women and girls in contexts of social violence.

4. Reparation and restitution of rights.

  • Promote the implementation of measures for reparation and restitution of rights to women who are victims of the armed conflict.

5. Strengthen implementation of 1325.

  • Guarantee the application and follow-up of the agenda regarding women, peace and security in all the sectors involved.

Peacekeeping Statistics:

Police: 9 out of 25

Staff Officers: 0 out of 5

Experts on Mission: 2 out of 7

Troops: 19 out of 256




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