Second Edition 2019-2022.


1.- Participation: Ensure equal participation of women in all stages in the field of peace and security with the aim of achieving gender mainstreaming in this field.

2.- Conflict prevention: Promote women’s participation, leadership and active roles in all processes and decision making of conflict prevention, management, and resolution, and introduce and enhance gender equality perspective.

3.- Protection: Prevent various aid-recipients including women and girls from being subjected to human rights violation such as sexual and gender-based violence in humanitarian crisis during and after a conflict as well as a natural large-scale disaster. And also provide protection and assistance to those who have been subjected to such violence.

4.- Humanitarian relief, recovery and reconstruction assistance: Provide humanitarian relief, recovery and reconstruction assistance with a gender perspective, promote women’s empowerment and ensure women’s equal participation within coordinated manner among aid assistance providers.

5.- Framework for monitoring and evaluation, and revision: Develop a frameworkfor effective monitoring and evaluation, and review of implementation status of the NAP at an appropriate time. Revise the NAP regularly.



Japan has not been involved in large-scale conflict or war since World War 11. However, it continues to have tension with North Korea over the latter's nuclear programme and with China and South Korea over disputed territory and Japan's past wartime actions.


Civil Society:

Japan’s National Action Plan recognises the importance of carrying on dialogue with civil society organisations when implementing the specific measures drafted in the plan.


Women in Peacekeeping:

Women’s participation in processes of conflict prevention, peacebuilding, peacekeeping, humanitarian relief, recovery and construction is the core of Japan’s second National Action Plan.

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