Austria's most recent plan launched in 2012.


1. Increasing the representation of women as well as enhanced consideration of the objectives defined in Resolution 1325 in training activities for international peace operations      

2. Strengthening the participation of women in peace promoting and conflict resolving activities, especially by promoting local peace initiatives by women and increasing the share of women in decision-making positions in international and European organisations                                           

3. Preventing gender-specific violence and protecting the needs of women and girls within the scope of peace missions, humanitarian operations and in camps for refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). 


This revised Action Plan is an indication of the Austrian Government's commitment to the objectives of the present Action Plan in supporting and promoting all measures provided therein within the means available in its work in Austria, in regard of deployments, in bilateral contacts and in European and international forums.

Civil Society

The Action Plan has been developed jointly by representatives of civil society organisations and other actors. "The annual report will be prepared following consultations with civil society representatives with relevant experience (non-governmental organisations, research institutions etc.), in particular during a joint meeting to be held at least once a year. The civil society representatives will furthermore be asked to give ad hoc advice on specific cases. The Action Plan’s effectiveness will be reviewed in 2016 in cooperation with civil society. On this basis, the working group will adapt the Action Plan to the latest developments and amend or complement the relevant measures and activities. "

Women in Peacekeeping

‍In order to promote women's participation in the security sector, the Austrian Government pledges to have an "Increase in the share of women participating in missions abroad including the police forces, federal armed forces, the judiciary, judicial administration and among prison officers to ensure that their representation is at least equal to the share of female specialised staff working in police forces/judiciary/judicial administration/and among prison officers in Austria." This also includes raising the share of gender experts, too.

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

As of September 2021, Austria has 189 peacekeepers deployed, of which 12 are women.


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