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The photo is by Albert Gonzalez Farran / UNAMID. It is of 89 new Rwandan police women in 2010 who arrived at El Fasher (Darfur) to work for UNAMID

The purpose of SecurityWomen is to act as an advocacy organisation for the inclusion of more women in security sector institutions, including the military and police forces. SecurityWomen operates on a global basis.

SecurityWomen aims to highlight news items, academic papers, publications and reports on the subject of Women Peace and Security, and to monitor progress in the development of gender equality in security institutions, in particular, the increase of women in decision-making positions and advances towards a 50:50 gender balance.

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June 28, 2022

Francophone Support for Women in Military Peacekeeping

Représentation permanente de la France auprès des Nations Unies à New York
June 2, 2022

Abusive and Sexist Virginity Testing Abolished

Human Rights Watch reports that the Indonesian armed forces have finally ended the damaging practice of virginity testing on female recruits.

Human Rights Watch
May 26, 2022

Gender violence in Pakistan: women fighting back

Hundreds if not thousands of women are murdered, kidnapped and assaulted each year in Pakistan. A 2018 survey estimated 1 in 3 women experienced domestic violence, but conviction rates are extremely low. It is being described by some in Pakistan as a ‘gender violence epidemic.’ Now Pakistani women are demanding action to address the vast scale of violence.

Channel 4
May 21, 2022

WPS seminar in Chile aims to make Armed Forces More Ready, More Resilient, and More Effective

A Women Peace and Security seminar organised by the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) and the Chilean Joint Peacekeeping Operations Center (CECOPAC) was recently held in Santiago, Chile. Participants discussed how gender integration in the armed and security forces in the fields of education, recruitment and promotion, could be improved.
May 21, 2022


NATO’s International Military Staff (IMS) hosted their third “Deep Dive” session on 9 May, this time focusing on the importance of integrating a gender perspective in co-operative security plans. This included looking at how a gender dimension is important to strengthening security and projecting stability through partnerships and dialogue.

April 26, 2022

Blue on Blue – Investigating Sexual Abuse of Peacekeepers

SecurityWomen welcomes new research published by the InternationalPeace Institute (IPI) looking into the sexual abuse of peacekeepers by those with whom they work along side. It is important to set an international standard of safety and security for serving peacekeepers that will encourage more women to take up careers in these roles.

International Peace Institute (IPI)

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