Plan launched 2017, renewed 2019


1.  Increasing the effective participation of Brazilian women in activities  related to international peace and security, including in leadership  positions, as well as promoting the effective participation of local women,  including in leadership positions, inactivities related to peace and  security in Conflict and post-conflict situations that affect them                                                                   

 2. The expansion and enhancement of Brazil's contribution to addressing  gender-based violence and to the protection of the human rights of all women  and girls in pre-conflict and post-conflict situations..                                                                             

 3. Strengthening the gender perspective in the development and  implementation of peacebuilding and humanitarian cooperation activities  undertaken and / or supported byBrazil.                                                                                                           

 4. Extension of knowledge about the WPS agenda, and engagement in  their implementation by public agencies, civil society organizations, women's  and women's movements, academia and the general public.


This  is Brazil's first National Action Plan. It was launched in March 2017 lasting two years and it has been relaunched in March2019 for four more years, with the same content and objectives. It has been first developed to demonstrate Brazil’s commitment to the defense of gender equality and  women's rights, but turned out to be outwards-facingThey have no recent history of armed conflict; however, the country  still experiences government corruption and social inequality, as well as high levels of gender-based violence and important challenges in the public security sphere

Civil Society

Various  events attended by government institutions, civil society organisations, and academia experts contributed to the development of the Brazilian plan of action on the WPS agenda, including the seminar "Women, Peace and Security in Brazil - Building bridges and overcoming challenges", organized by the Igarapé Institute in March 2014.

Women in Peacekeeping

The  BrazilianNAP pledges to "Increase the participation of Brazilian  military women employed in individual missions and / or as part of  contingents of peacekeeping operations and / or special political missions,  including leadership positions."

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

Police Officers: 3 out of 8          Staff Officers: 2 of 39           Experts onMission: 3 out of22           Troops: 2 out of196 


1.  BrazilNAP                            2. UN - Peacekeeping Contributions                                             3. PeaceWomen

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