Denmark’s first NAP was launched in 2005, the second in 2008, and the third in 2014. The current National Action Plan (NAP) was adopted in 2020 for the period 2020-2024.

Objectives of the 2020-2024 NAP

  • Ensure systematic integration of gender perspectives in the planning, execution and evaluation of our foreign, security and development policy work.
  • Work to ensure that women are meaningfully represented and included in political processes and peacebuilding efforts and that the gender perspective is integrated in conflict prevention, mediation, peace processes and peacebuilding to promote sustainable peace.
  • Increase recruitment and retention of women at all levels of efforts to promote peace and security, particularly in areas where women are under-represented.
  • Ensure a higher share of women among those posted abroad by Denmark in civil and military contributions, particularly in management positions.
  • Ensure that all those posted abroad – men and women – are trained to integrate and promote gender perspectives in a meaningful way.
  • Ensure a broad and organisational understanding of and respect for this agenda through research, development and education.
  • Prevent and respond to sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment according to a zero-tolerance threshold.


In 2005, Denmark became the first country to launch an official National Action Plan for the implementation of UNSCR 1325. In 2020, the Danish Government launched the fourth NAP, placing a strong emphasis on the WPS agenda as a security policy agenda. This NAP distinguishes itself from the others by introducing yearly implementation plans developed by each of the participating authorities. Denmark has not actively taken part in a conflict for a long time. The focus of the Danish NAP is therefore mainly on the international implementation of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda.

Involvement of civil society in development of the NAP

The NAP states that Denmark will involve civil society actors in the NAP’s implementation through an annual forum and thematic working groups.

UN Peacekeeping statistics   

As of May 2023 Denmark contributed 14 personnel to UN peacekeeping.  5 of the 12 Experts on Mission were women; both the two military staff officers were male.

Women in peacekeeping

Based on the previous NAPs, the current plan aims to strengthen Denmark’s efforts towards the implementation of the WPS agenda. The fourth plan reflects the country’s commitment to countering sexual and gender-based discrimination, including violence in armed conflicts as well as sexual harassment. This NAP puts an emphasis on women’s inclusion and meaningful participation in peace and security, especially in the efforts to prevent conflicts and apply a rights-based approach to its peace operations.

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