Albania's most recent NAP ran from 2018-2020.


1. Improving policy documents and raising awareness on the WPS agenda 

  • Strengthen integration of the gender perspective through internal rules of procedure in national security and defence and participation in national and international activities for the implementation of Resolution 1325,
  • Integrate a gender perspective into educational programs for the implementation of Resolution 1325,
  • Raise awareness on Resolution 1325 and its implementation.

2. Participation 

  • Inclusion of a gender balance in security sector activities,
  • Increase representation of women in decision-making activities and processes related to the preservation of security and peace.

3. Protection and rehabilitation 

  • Promote the protection of women and girl victims of gender-based violence related to armed conflicts and post-conflict situations in other countries,
  • Ensure the protection of Albanian women and girl victims of war, including post conflict rehabilitation.

4. Implementation and monitoring of Resolution 1325

  • Improve cooperation for the implementation and monitoring of Resolution 1325 (and other related resolutions),
  • Support the full implementation of Resolution 1325 and other related Resolutions.


This NAP is very specific about its budgeting requirements and monitoring and evaluation framework, raising hopes that it will be effectively implemented. It recognizes the need to support women’s career trajectories throughout security and police forces, a key step in promoting gender-sensitive security policy and transitional justice and peace-building initiatives. Finally, the plan also pays attention to the domestic post-conflict setting and the continued need to implement gender-sensitive justice initiatives while also supporting 1325 implementation overseas and in other transitional justice processes.

Civil Society:

Civil society is mentioned throughout the document, especially in the first strategic objective about education in gender-sensitive approaches to peace and security. However, the government sector is still listed as the primary implementor, and civil society voices were not widely included in the drafting and consultation process during the development of this plan.

Peacekeeping Statistics:

Albania currently contributes 2 peacekeepers, both of which are men.


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