Plan launched 2014-2019


1.  Prevention of conflicts  - large focus  on the protection of women and children as being the most vulnerable during  conflict

2. Resolution programs                                                                                                   

3. Empowerment and participation programs                                                       

Commentary: The plan is a Presidential Decree without any actual mention of UNSCR 1325. The plan does however set out articles that focus on regulating “the protection and empowerment of women and children in social conflicts.”

In terms of previous or current domestic conflict, Indonesia relatively recently did experience a period of instability related to the Aceh conflict, a war that saw grave violations of human rights abuses, including sexual assault, rape and violence against women. In response to this the plan recognizes that in conflicts, women (and children) are the most vulnerable, and therefore focuses on how to protect them. The plan also has an element of empowerment that is described as “efforts to strengthen human rights” and “increase participation of women and children and building peace.”

Civil Society

Civil  society organizations (although not addressed in detail in the plan) will to some extent be involved in the implementation and the monitoring of the  progress of the plan, through the establishment of a working group mandated  by the presidential regulation

Women in Peacekeeping

The plan does not address the topic, and makes no mention of women in  peacekeeping, the police or defense forces. 

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

Police  Officers: 32 out of 167                             Experts on  Mission: 2 out of 27                                                                    Troops: 70 out of 2,517 

Staff Officers: 3 of 42


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