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Moldova’s National Action plan has two core perspectives, each with a set of objectives for its implementation:


I.- Increasing women’s representation in the security and defense sector:


1.- Reducing the stereotypes about the role of women in the security and defense sector

2.- Improving the opportunities for women and men from the sector to reconcile professional and family life

3.- Preventing and responding to discrimination, harassment, and gender-based violence within the sector

4.- Developing an inclusive and proactive human resources management system

5.- Implementing reasonable adjustment and special temporary measures in the security and defense system


II.-Ensuring an inclusivesecurity sector:


6.- Strengthening the transparency and involvement of civil society in the decisions taken by the security and defense sector

7.- Developing the institutional capacity for mainstreaming gender in security and defense policies

8.- Supporting the participation of women in peacebuildingand peacekeeping missions.




Moldova has not been involved in any recent conflict although there have been tensions with Ukraine over the Transnistrian territory and the Dniester river. Moldova is one of the primary source countries for women subjected to sex trafficking and forced labour throughout Europe. Gender-based violence is still widespread in the country, while efficient mechanisms for combating and preventing domestic violence and systems for providing effective remedies to victims are lacking. 


Civil Society:

Moldova’s NAP strengthens opportunities for the involvement of local women in civil society organisations at all stages of the NAP, including development, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.  The inclusion of civil society is mentioned in objective 6 of the NAP  which states,“Strengthening the transparency and involvement of the civil society in thedecisions taken by the security and defense system.”


Women in Peacekeeping:

The NAP   places emphasis on women’s participation in the security and defense sectors and  identifies and describes the eight main barriers that prevent  women’s representation and  participation in these sectors, making them less inclusive.



UN Peacekeeping Statistics


Experts:   2 out of 7

Staff Officers:  0 out of 2



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