Togo's most recent NAP was launched in 2011 and ran until 2016.  This has been translated into English at:  Togo-NAP-2011-2015-English-translation-DP160100212.pdf (  Togo reported on the implementation of this NAP in its 2020 national reporting for Beijing+25 and in preparation for CSW64.  The report indicated that Togo had adopted a new NAP for the period 2018-2022 in para 2.22.1 on page 61of this report, but to date this updated NAP has not been published.  

The following notes, therefore, are based on the 2011-2016 NAP, with additional references to Togo’s Beijing+25 report where this gives more up to date information.

Objectives/Aims of the 2011-2016 NAP:

Togo's general objectives include: "Increase the participation of women at all levels of decision-making, especially in the prevention, conflict management and resolution, and peacebuilding."


Togo has no recent history of conflict and is focusing on peacekeeping missions overseas.

Civil Society’s involvement in development of the 2011-2016 NAP and future NAP:

In its report to Beijing25+ the Togo government commits to engaging with civil society organisations and other actors  in the promotion of Resolutions 1325 and 1820 through meetings and workshops.

UN Peacekeeping Basic Statistics:

In 2021 Togo contributed 1291 peacekeepers, 1174 men and 117 women (9.9%).  In May 2023, UN data records Togo as having contributed a total of 1105 peacekeepers of which 127 were female (11%).

Women’s role in peacekeeping:

There has been a slight improvement in the gender balance of Togo’s peacekeeping personnel between 2021 and May 2023, notably at staff officer level:  of the 717 troops, 655 were male and 62 female; of the 279 members of police units, 253 were male and 26 female; among 109 military observers and staff officers, women comprised 35.7% (70 men, 39 women).  

Having a gender perspective in conflict resolution and peacebuilding is mentioned in the NAP, with women participating in decision-making roles, but the NAP makes no mention of recruitment of women in armed forces or police.


Togo NAP 2011-2015 translation to English: Togo-NAP-2011-2015-English-translation-DP160100212.pdf (  

Government of Togo’s Report to Beijing25+ and CSW 64: Togo.pdf (

Contribution of Uniformed Personnel to UN by Country, Mission and Personnel Type (May 2023) 05-Missions Detailed By Country  (2021)

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