In 2020, Lithuania adopted their second National Action Plan for the period 2020-2024.

Objectives/Aims of the 2020-2024 NAP:

The main aim of the action plan is : ‘to strengthen the participation of women in international peacebuilding and to increase their involvement in security and democratic processes at the national and international levels.’

The four tasks outlined (each with related measures, implementing authorities and expected results) are:

1)     Promote women leadership in international peace processes

2)     Promote gender equality

3)     Intensify international cooperation for the agenda issues

4)     Advise state institutions, non-governmental organisations on the issues of the agenda to raise public awareness


Lithuania’s National Action Plan is very brief, however, it does include a number of specific measures intended to make a difference to the implantation of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, both nationally and internationally.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lithuania has said: ‘The National Action Plan takes into account the lessons learnt and experiences gained over the last twenty years, during which the country was implementing the UNSC Resolution 1325, the conclusions of the Council of the European Union on women, peace and security, and the provisions of the EU Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security (WPS) 2019-2024.

Civil Society engagement in development of the NAP:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Republic of Lithuania are to monitor the implementation of the action plan.

It is stated that in the implementation of the first NAP, non-governmental organisations, civil society and academia cooperated together.

The NAP includes a measure focused on helping non-governmental organisations develop competence on Agenda issues, to disseminate information, and to promote participation in international forums.

UN Peacekeeping Statistics:

As of 30 November 2023, Lithuania is contributing one male police officer to peacekeeping missions.

Women in Peacekeeping:

The NAP includes measures to collect information on women’s participation in peacekeeping, to carry out research into women’s participation and factors preventing their participation and to develop a plan on how to motivate and encourage more national civil servants and soldiers to participate in international missions. They intend to make a list of potential peace mediators, and to train and consult at least three peace mediators – these measures don’t mention whether these will be male or female.

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