Plan launched 2011


1. To  motivate women to work in the fields of prevention of conflicts in national,  regional and international institutions, to take part in international  military and civilian operations and missions and, when participating there,  to pay greater attention to solving the problems of local women.                                                                                  

 2. To present the national Action Plan implementing the UNSCR 1325 to  the Lithuanian society, as well as to educate and to train the personnel of  institutions on the issues raised in the resolution.                                                                   

 3. To actively contribute to international initiatives supporting and  implementing the UNSCR 1325 and its supplementing documents, particularly in  the fields of women's security and protection of women's rights.


Lithuania's  NAP appears to be the shortest action plan, in terms of page length in  comparison to all other existing plans. Nevertheless, the plan is significant  in terms of strengthening the role of women in society and in the  international framework, particularly as Lithuania supports equal  opportunities for women and men as well as the protection of women's rights.  It is a member of NATO and the EU, as well as an active member of the UN.

Civil Society

Civil  Society has not been mentioned in this Action Plan to have played a role in  the implementation of this Action Plan, although it has been mentioned that  it is important for society (more generally) to understand the  importance of UNSCR 1325. 

Women in Peacekeeping

It  has been mentioned to "actively motivate women, to provide career  planning guarantees…to promote the service in the Lithuanian Armed Forces and  Police during meetings with upper class high-school students by presenting  equal opportunities for women and men to become police officers or solders of  professional military service or active reserve and by emphasising the  existing favourable conditions for women..."

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

Staff  Officers: 1 out of 4                Experts on Mission: 0 out of 1           Troops: 1 out of 32


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