Plan launched 2016-2019


Goal  No. 1 Strengthen the role of women in peace processes and in all  decision-making processes                                                   

Goal No. 2 Continue to promoting a gender perspective in peace  operations                                                                                              

Goal No. 3 Continue to ensuring specific training on the various and  cross-cutting aspects of UNSCR 1325(2000), in particular to personnel taking  part in peace operations                                                                             

Goal No. 4 Further enhance women’s presence in the national Armed  Forces and within national Police forces, by strengthening their role in  decision-making processes related to peace missions                                                                                          

Goal No. 5 Protect human rights of women and girls, in conflict and  post-conflict areas                                                              

Goal No. 6 Increase synergies with civil society, to implement  UNSCR1325 (2000)                                                                                     

Goal No. 7 Strategic communication and result-oriented advocacy


This revised Action Plan counts as Italy's third to date. Italy has no recent history of conflict, hence the focus is on international operations and  humanitarian efforts.

Civil Society

Civil Society has been fully involved in the implementation of this plan, along  with other actors, including trade unions, NGOs and private sectors. 

Women Peacekeeping

There is a separate goal which encourages the enhancement of women within national  police forces and the Armed Forces. 

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

Police  Officers: 1 out of 2                  Experts on Mission: 2 out of 4        Troops: 40 out of 1,040

Staff Officers: 1 of 28


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