1. Integrate a gender perspective in all actions and conflict prevention strategies, and strengthen efforts to fight against all forms of violence against women.

2. Perform the recruitment and appointment of Guinean women in decision-making posts in United Nations peace missions, as well as their active participation in all peace processes.

3. Ensure the strengthening and expansion of efforts for the safety, physical and mental health, welfare, economic security and the dignity of women and girls by the promotion and safeguarding of their fundamental human rights.

4. Perform the equal access of men and women to aid distribution mechanisms, the services of the actions of humanitarian aid and national aid to international relocation.


This plan, published in 2010, is targeted primarily at recognizing the gendered ways that conflict affects women and in providing services for women. By emphasizing protection, Guinea-Bissau does not do enough to recognize women’s agency or capacity to participate in government and security services. In the participation pillar, Guinea-Bissau emphasizes supporting women to achieve more UN roles and participate in peacekeeping missions, a promising step but ultimately insufficient if it does not also look to domestic barriers to inclusion in domestic government.

Civil Society:

Civil Society were  included in the drafting of this NAP, and their influence is especially strong in the aspects of the plan that focus on humanitarian aid and conflict response. The government recognizes that civil society capacity is necessary in responding to conflict, and therefore efforts to ensure equal access to humanitarian and relocation aid require the active involvement of civil society in implementing the plan. Furthermore, because the plan is focused on women’s participation in UN and international civil society peace-building initiatives, implementation will require close coordination with spaces outside of the domestic legal and government system.

Peacekeeping Statistics:

Staff Officers: 0 out of 1

Experts on Mission: 1 out of 2




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