Germany’s first NAP covered the period 2013-2016, the second 2017-2020.  Its third and current NAP is for 2021-2024.

Objectives of the 2021-2024 NAP:

Germany’s third NAP is based on six priority areas, listed below, each of which has several objectives and anticipated outcomes:

1 Crisis Prevention: A preventive approach, which takes the gender perspective into account, strengthens women’s rights and eliminates existing social inequality, serves to guard against violence in society and armed conflict.

2 Participation: Women enjoy effective, meaningful and equal participation in peace and security processes. Peace processes are designed in such a way that they are inclusive and gender-responsive.

3 Protection and Support: Germany contributes towards long-term, comprehensive support, especially with regard to trauma, for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. Its approach is survivor-centred and human rights based. Those responsible are called to account.

4 Humanitarian Assistance, Crisis Management and Re-construction: Measures for humanitarian assistance, crisis management and reconstruction take better consideration of women’s and girls’ needs and interests. Gender-responsive, needs-based approaches, which boost meaningful participation and leadership by women in the contexts of fight and crises, are a prerequisite for this.

5 Strengthening the WPS Agenda: The Women, Peace and Security agenda has been effectively and systematically enshrined and coordinated at international, regional and bilateral levels. Connections between countries and with civil society are strengthened.

6 Increasing institutional integration and capacities: The Women, Peace and Security agenda is enshrined in the German Government’s structures, continuing professional development programmes and work to increase diversity in the staffing structure of the German Government.


This third NAP is based on the conclusions from implementation reports for previous NAPS.   It is called an Action Plan and includes a table detailing which agency is responsible for implementing the objectives listed under each priority area, together with targets,  measurable indicators, and an approximate timeline for each task.  There is no indication of budget or other resourcing for implementation.

Germany is an important contributor to the UN peacekeeping forces. It is also a key NATO member, recently involved in military operations in Iraq, Mali and Afghanistan. Women have only been allowed to take part in the German military combat units since 2001, as was required by a European Court of Justice ruling. Today, only around 10% of the German military is made up of women. Recruitment and integration of women remain significant challenges.

Civil Society involvement in development of the NAP:

The third German NAP recognises the importance of including women’s rights organisations and human rights defenders in peacekeeping processes, and commits to full cooperation with civil society organisations in shaping and implementing the WPS agenda.

The NAPS refers to it being the result of an “inclusive and transparent consultation process with German civil society and civil societies in fragile states, conflict zones and post-conflict nations, and on dialogue with various countries.” (p11)

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

At the end of May 2023 Germany was contributing the following UN peacekeeping personnel:

Women in peacekeeping:

On the domestic front Germany is committed to recruiting more women soldiers:  currently women comprise only 9.5% of the military, though they also comprise 45% of the medical corps.  

The NAP states the subject of women, peace and security needs to be taken into account as a cross-cutting issue in German peace and security policy engagement, development cooperation and humanitarian assistance.  

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