Plan launched 2011


1.  Prevention: Physical, mental and economic security, as well as women's mental  health, respect for their rights against gender-based violence                                                                                  

2. Participation: The integration of women and consideration of  women's interests in decision-making in conflict prevention, management,  and resolution                                                                                           

3. Relief and recovery:   Realising the specific needs of women in times of conflict, but also  in the post-conflict period.


Senegal  is known for adhering to the human rights of its population, and  professionalism in the security sector. 

Civil Society

Civil  society helped to develop the Sengalese NAP, and will be part of the Steering  Committee to help monitor its implementation. 

Women in Peacekeeping

Monitoring  the number of women in peace missions and roles in UN field-based operations  and peace building operations. 

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

Police  Officers: 113 out of 1253                  Experts on Mission: 0 out of 2            Troops: 40 out of 1,356

Staff Officers: 2 out of 40


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