Senegal’s current NAP runs from 2020 to 2024. This is Senegal’s second NAP, the earlier NAP running from 2011-2015.  The 2020-2024 NAP was published in French, with an unofficial translation into English here

Objectives/Aims of the 2020-2024 NAP:

The Government of Senegal states that this later NAP is built on review of the earlier NAP, and emphasises the concept of prevention of conflict and security threats to women and girls. The objectives of the current NAP comprise 5 components:

Component 1 – Prevention: Set up an integrated national mechanism for early warning and prevention of crises, conflicts and all threats to peace, in particular violent extremism, and to combat the insecurity of women and young girls.

Component 2 – Protection: Guarantee conditions of safety for women and young girls at all times and in crisis or conflict situations, against all forms of violence, particularly of a sexual or gender-based nature, by improving services Justice, Police and Army for this purpose.

Component 3 – Participation and Promotion: Promote the representation and empowerment of women in prevention, negotiation and peacekeeping mechanisms and processes by the FDS and in diplomatic missions.

Component 4 – Post-crisis recovery: Support women and young girls who are victims of crisis situations for their professional reintegration, the development of their resilience and economic empowerment, and the reconstruction or improvement of their living environment.

Component 5 – Coordination of the implementation of PAN2-R1325: Ensure the functionality of the coordination and monitoring-evaluation mechanism of PAN2-R1325 et seq. and optimal mobilization of the human, financial and material resources necessary for its proper implementation.


The current NAP recognises the need for critical evaluation of the earlier NAP, and then to build on the findings of that assessment.  It also recognises the importance of looking across all relevant government ministries / departments / agencies in order to co-ordinate cross-cutting policies and achieve outcomes of the NAP.  

Civil Society’s involvement in development of the NAP:

Civil society was involved in developing the Senegalese NAP and will be part of the Steering Committee to help monitor its implementation. The NAP specifically commits to “Better involvement of women's organisations” in implementing the NAP. (p32).

UN Peacekeeping Basic Statistics:

In May 2023 Senegal contributed a total of 2440 peacekeeping personnel.

Women’s role in Peacekeeping:

Of that 2440 personnel, only 251 (10.3%) were female.  Women soldiers comprised only 41 (3.65%) military troops, and 1 female among 35 in officer grades.  Of 2 military experts / observers there was 1 woman and 1 male.  Women were better represented in police units (15.15%: 1087male; 185 female), and among 60 individual senior police 23  (38%) were women and 37 male.


Senegal-NAP-2011-English-translation-DP160100212.pdf (   (June 2021)

Contribution of Uniformed Personnel to UN by Country, Mission, and Personnel Type (May 2923) 05-Missions Detailed By Country

United Nations Peacekeeping. (May 2023): Troop and police contributors | United Nations Peacekeeping

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