1. Prevention

  • Strengthening a gender perspective through documents and foreign policy; 
  • Integrating a gender perspective into education programs for security forces, diplomats, health services, and the judiciary.

2. Participation

  • Achieving a gender balance in the security sectors;
  • Increasing the representation of women in decision-making roles related to security and peacebuilding;
  • Implementing a gender sensitive approach to development as post-conflict recovery. 

3. Protection and Post-Conflict Recovery

  • Promoting the protection of victims of gender-based violence in armed conflicts abroad;
  • Protecting the rights of women and girls who were war victims in Croatia.

4. Implementation and Monitoring

  • Improving cooperation with civil society and the Working Group on WPS.


Croatia’s NAP runs from 2011-2014, and a more recent NAP has not yet been published. This plan is heavily focused on relief and recovery from conflict, especially with how it perceives the role of its own security forces in implementing WPS. As such, there is not enough focus on women as active agents rather than as passive victims. The exception to this overall focus is in the second pillar; although the pillar also focuses on economic inclusion of women as instrumental to post-conflict recovery, it also calls for achieving a gender balance within security forces and in decision-making roles.

Civil Society:

Civil society played almost no role in the consultation and development of this NAP, so it is especially notable how the fifth pillar of implementation rests almost entirely on cooperation with civil society organizations. Rhetorically, it is important that there is language recognizing the key role that can be played by civil society, but it is important that this action is backed by robust government commitment for including civil society in decision-making processes.

Peacekeeping Statistics:

Staff Officers: 0 out of 1

Experts on Mission: 3 out of 15




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