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The Solomon Islands’ most recent NAP was adopted in 2017, for the 2017-2021 period, and the government has yet to adopt a new one.


1. Women’s participation, representation, and decision making in peace and security are expanded at all levels

2. Women’s human rights are protected and women are secure from sexual and gender-based violence

3. Solomon Islands actively prevents conflict and violence against women and girls

4. Women and girls’ priorities and rights are reflected in development and peace-building.


The Solomon Islands’ NAP includes comprehensive analysis of the ways that  conflict and post-conflict transitional justice have particularly impacted women and excluded them in judicial mechanisms. The plan takes concrete steps to rectify this historical oversight. The plan is particularly focused on transitional justice and on climate change, two of the largest security threats faced by the Solomon Islands, and it addresses the gendered impact of both. It also makes a positive mention of the need to better train men and boys to combat harmful gender stereotypes. In addition, it recognizes the need to include women in domestic policing forces and in the security sector in general as a critical step in including a gender perspective in peace-building.

Civil Society

This NAP recognises the need to include civil society voices in transitional justice and in post-conflict peace-building. They are a critical actor in many of the action points listed in this NAP. However, civil society consultation in the drafting process was limited, and there is room for better engagement with civil society in the future.

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The NAP explicitly calls for an increased number of women hired into the police and promoted into police leadership; however the same is not said for the military. There is one mention of increased representation for women in peacekeeping forces, but Solomon Islands does not currently contribute UN peacekeepers.

Peacekeeping statistics

Solomon Islands does not currently contribute peacekeeping forces.


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