Luxembourg adopted a National Action Plan in 2018, for the period 2018-2023.

Objectives/Aims of the 2018-2023 NAP:

The National Action Plan has four main objectives, corresponding to the four pillars of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda:

1)     Participation: Promote equal participation of women and men at all levels of peace and security process, and support the participation of women in decision-making.

2)     Prevention: Strengthen peace and security in line with UNSC Resolution 1325; prevent sexual and gender-based violence.

3)     Protection, relief and recovery: expand training on gender-based violence for Luxembourg personnel; implement such training for local forces during peacekeeping operations; strengthen access to justice and to opportunities for recovery.

4)     Promotion: Promote the Women, Peace and Security agenda at the national and international level.


Luxembourg’s NAP focusing on highlighting its role in international peace and security efforts, especially supporting gender-sensitive peace processes in Colombia and the Balkans. This NAP contains good language about increasing women’s participation and leadership in security forces, while recognizing Luxembourg’s relatively small scale and security forces and its need to participate in international frameworks. Further, the plan pulls out some unique and key points such as women’s participation in de-mining activities and election monitoring, as well as the frequently mentioned peacekeeping, justice, and humanitarian sectors.

Civil Society engagement in development of the NAP:

The Plan contains well-written language on the need to engage with and promote civil society in implementing the WPS agenda. However, there was only limited consultation with civil society in the drafting process of the plan, so deeper cross-sectoral engagement will be necessary to bring civil society into government-led initiatives on WPS implementation both within Luxembourg and in its international efforts.

UN Peacekeeping Statistics:

Luxembourg does not currently contribute Peacekeeping Personnel.

Women in Peacekeeping:

The Plan includes sub-objectives to strengthen, promote and ensure the greater participation of women in military and civilian peacekeeping operations and electoral observation missions. These objectives include actions and indicators to track their implementation.

References and Sources:

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