Plan launched 2013-2016


Goal  1: Greater participation of women in peacebuilding                                                                                                                         

Goal 2: Protection of the rights of women and girls during and after  violent conflicts, and prevention of gender-based violence                                                                                                               

Goal 3: Greater inclusion of a gender perspective during and after  armed conflicts in emergency aid, reconstruction and in dealing with the  past                                                                                

Goal 4: Greater inclusion of a gender perspective in conflict  prevention                                                                                                       

Goal 5: Mainstreaming “Women, Peace and Security” in the federal  administration


This  is Switzerland's third NAP, and this revised version focuses on the increased  partcipation of women and girls during and after armed conflicts. " An  example of this is Switzerland’s commitment for a greater participation of  women in political processes demonstrated in, for instance, its support for  cooperation between selected civil society and governments. " As well as  combatting gender-based violence.

Civil Society

Civil  Society will be greatly involved in the implementation of the Action Plan,  particularly in proving support for women's rights and in combatting  gender-based violence as well as in increasing women's capacity to  participate in political processes in conflict regions. 

Women in Peacekeeping

Promoting  representation of women in management and leadership positions, as well as in  high mediation roles. Alongside this, "Measures to gradually increase  the share of women in SWISSINT and the armed forces in line with the Security  Policy Report, especially at management level." 

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

Police  Officers: 1 out of 5                             Experts on  Mission: 1 out of 16 

Staff Officers: 0 out of 6                  Troops: 0 out of 2


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