1. Promotion of Resolution 1325 for implementation,
  2. Equality and equity in the participation of men and women in decision-making positions,
  3.  Strengthening of mechanisms for the protection of women's rights in periods of conflict and post-conflict,
  4. Legislative reform in favour of gender equality,
  5. Consideration of the rights and needs of women and young girls in post-conflict programmes,
  6. Consideration of the rights and needs of women and young girls in post-conflict justice,
  7. Effective participation of women in peace negotiations, peacekeeping and peacebuilding operations,
  8. Coordination and funding of the implementation of R1325.


Burundi’s NAP ranks highly on all three axes measured by the LSE WPS Centre’s index: civil society participation in drafting, effective monitoring and evaluation, and level of budget specification. The NAP does an effective job recognizing women as participants in conflicts and addresses the need to increase opportunity and equality for women not just as victims of conflict but also as active participants in security forces, especially peacekeeping forces. Furthermore, its focus on mainstreaming gender post-conflict transitions, both in justice and development on crisis-response programs, is key in promoting gender equality and achieving the WPS agenda. While some of its eight axes overlap one another, with effective coordination Burundi’s plan will be a comprehensive approach to ensuring attention to WPS in its own response to domestic and regional conflicts.

Civil Society:

The drafting process of Burundi’s NAP took into account broad consultation with civil society actors. The eighth axis, coordination to ensure implementation, also calls for civil society engagement to strengthen government capacity and better reflect the conflict-related needs to women and girls. Overall, this NAP effectively incorporates the needs and suggestions of civil society in implementing the WPS agenda.

Peacekeeping statistics:

Staff Officers: 1 out of 10

Experts on Mission: 1 out of 7

Troops: 20 out of 745




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