Central African Republic


CAR's first and only NAP ran from 2014 to 2016.


1 – Increasing awareness of UNSCR 1325. 

2 – Strengthening violence and conflict prevention 

3 – Strengthening women’s participation and representation in all levels of decision-making, with specific focus on those levels related to conflict prevention response and resolution.

4 – Strengthening civilian populations protection, with specific focus on victims of sexual-based violence.

5 – Strengthening coordination and monitoring processes.  


UN peacekeeping troops have been stationed in the Central African Republic since 2014, following a longer period of recurrent instability, conflict and violence. However, the deployment has been subject to controversy and loss of credibility after allegations of sexual assaults of female minors perpetrated by UN peacekeepers surfaced. 

Civil Society

Civil society organizations were involved in the creation of the NAP through the Sector Committee for Gender Equality and Poverty Reduction, a ministry body. The plan also includes that the processes of implementation and monitoring will be undertaken partly by civil society organizations, however as part of the Sector Committee – not independently. 

Women in Security Institutions

The National Action Plan addresses the need to train military, police and defense personnel on resolution 1325 and the rights of women. It does not address the need to include and recruit women in the security sector.

Peacekeeping Statistics

CAR doesn't currently contribute UN peacekeepers.


Central African Republic, National Action Plan 2014.

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