Democratic Republic of Congo

Plan launched 2010


1.  Participation and representation of women in the field of peace and  security;                                                                                 

 2. Integration of the gender dimension into the planning, programming  and budgeting of the actions related to peace and security initiated by the  DRC.                                                            

 3. Promotion and protection of the rights of women, the fight against  violence based on gender and HIV/AIDS so that promoting transitional justice  reform of the security sector;                                                                                                   

 4. Regional and international cooperation;                                                         

 5. Research and studies in the field of peace and security;                                                                                                              

 6. Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of resolutions  1325, 1820,1888 and 1889 in different sectors


The DRC has been involved in extensive conflict among countries within the Great  Lakes Region, which has led to great levels of destablisation and displaced  peoples. Women and children have also beared the brunt of the war, with women  experiencing gender-based and sexual violence, in particular being raped as a  "weapons of war".

Civil Society

Civil  Society Organisations had some imput in the implementation of the Action  Plan.

Women in Peacekeeping

While one of the DRC's objectives is to encourage the participation of women in the  peace and security sector, this has not been fully addressed within the  Action Plan.


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