1. Increased participation of women in decision-making and peacebuilding;
  2. An integrated gender perspective and participation of women in security structures; 
  3. Access to protection, justice, and rehabilitation and reintegration for victims of sexual violence and other forms of conflict-related violence. 


The Kosovo NAP does an effective job of pushing for greater participation of women in security forces at all levels. While the third objective does focus on women as victims of conflict, the majority of the Plan is centered around recognizing where women have been participating and can be more fully included and allowed to participate in the security infrastructure of the country. Further, it recognizes the deep ties between the security services and peacebuilding initiatives without needing to relegate women only to the ‘peaceful’ space of post-conflict reconstruction by virtue of their gender, instead recognizing the deep connections between peace and security. The Plan is very specific about budget allocation and monitoring and evaluation tools, making it an effective document for implementation. However, it was initially intended to cover 2014-2017, and a more updated plan has yet to be released.

Civil Society:

The Kosovo NAP was drafted with limited involvement from civil society. Although the plan claims to be multi-sectoral in its approach, the references made to including civil society groups come through mostly in the abstract framing of taking a human-development approach to WPS, rather than in concrete actions that will be taken to ensure the involvement of civil society.

Peacekeeping statistics:

Kosovo does not currently contribute peacekeeping forces.




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