Burkina Faso

Plan launched 2012, expired 2016


1.  Participation: focuses on the increased political participation of women and  promoting systematic integration of gendered dimension in the reform of the  security sector                                                                                                                

2. Protection: Of women and girls against violence 


Major focus on the protection of women and girls from gender-based violence. While Burkina Faso has no history of armed conflict, women still face high rates of  maternal mortality because of high rates of female genital cutting and  domestic violence (PeaceWomen). 

Civil Society

A  Standing Committee is comprised of relevent government ministries and civil  society organisations, as well as representatives from the National Assembly  and Prime Minister's Office, to monitor the plan. Civil society leaders are active in outside events, such as workshops to promote the NAP adoption.  Although, according to PeaceWomen, Civil Society was 'not included in any  meaningful way to the development of the NAP'. Rather, it was the Ministry of  Women's Promotion, the Ministry of Human Rights and Civil Promotion who were  the lead actors. 

Women in Peacekeeping

Priorities  include a stronger commitment by the government to fund the NAP and improving women's participation in the army.  

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

Police Officers: 56 out of 363                                                  Experts on Mission: 0 out of 4                                                                    Troops: 49 out of 1,364 

Staff Officers: 1 out of 19


 1. Inclusive security - NAP resource  center                          2.  Peacewomen                                             3. UN - Peacekeeping Contributors 

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