Plan launched 2013


Goal  1. Elaboration of a system of institutional protection of women’s and girls’  rights in conflict prevention activities                                                                                    

Goal 2. Strengthening the role of women in the area of security,  defense, public order and emergency situations, including at the  decision-making level                  

Goal 3. Development of zero-tolerance toward violence against women  and girls in conflict situations                     

Goal 4. Creation and  support of secure environment for women and girls                                                                                         

Goal 5. Enhancement of readiness of response entities with  consideration of women and girls protection in conflict situations


Extremely  short NAP, and does not appear to explain how Resolution 1325 is integrated  into the plan, or Kyrgyzstan as a whole. Nevertheless, the matrix appears to  be fairly detailed.                          

In terms of a time frame, many of the actions appear to be assigned for  2013-2014.

Civil Society

It has  been noted that a greater attempt to intensify the activities of state  authorities, Civil Society Organisations and other actors in order to ensure  a secure environment will be put in place.

Women in Peacekeeping

It has  been briefly mentioned in the Action Plan to increase awareness regarding  having women to "service in UN peace keeping forces." 

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

Police  Officers: 0 out of 7                 Experts on Mission: 0 out of 4 


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