Plan launched 2016-2020


1 – Assessing the impact conflict has had on the Ukrainian national system of “ensuring human rights, including, protection, providing assistance and rehabilitation to victims of GBV, participation of women in peacebuilding and prevention of conflicts” 

2 – Assessing the impact conflict has had on the functioning of the national services provision system

3 – Implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325. Coordination of the agents involved. 

4 – Specialists.

5 – Increase women’s participation in peacebuilding and peacekeeping processes, promoting a “culture of peace”

6 – Further prevent conflicts and violence on territories that are or have recently

7 – Preventing and combating violence against women

8 – Improvement of the system of protection of women and girls affected by conflicts 

9 – Establishment of the system of comprehensive assistance to people affected by conflicts (taking into account needs of women and girls especially) 

10 – Assessment of impact and effectiveness of NAP for implementation of UNSCR 1325 on Women, Peace and Security until 2020   


While  women tend to enjoy the same status and rights as men, the territorial  dispute in Ukraine appears to be worsening, with an estimated 10,090 people  estimated to have been killed, creating a space of physical insecuriy. Recent  news have reported that 'France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine have agreed on  measures to enforce a 2015 peace deal in Ukraine amid heightened conflict in  the country's east." (Global Conflict Tracker).

Civil Society

Promoting  women initiative groups. Other than this, little is mentioned. Although NGOs  are supporting the implementation of the plan.

Women in Peacekeeping

Increasing  number of women who participate in international peacekeeping operations; in  monitoring missions and managerial positions as well as higher representation  in security sector.  Does not mention active recruitment of women; however, recent accounts  demonstrate women being allowed in combat as well as the Ukrainian army. 

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

Police  Officers: 4 out of 40                                               Experts on Mission: 1 out of 12                                        Troops: 0 out of 250

Staff Officers: 1 out of 13


1.  Ukraine NAP                     2. UN -  Peacekeeping Contributions                      3. Global Conflict  Tracker                   

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