Tunisia's most recent NAP ran from 2018-2022.


1. To safeguard women and girls from all forms of violence, before, during, and after the conflicts, crises, and natural disasters, and amid the terrorism risk.

2. To ensure that women and girls are protected against all forms and types of gender-based violence and discrimination in the conflict and terrorism settings, and ensure their safety and physical, psychological, and mental health, and security, and enjoyment of their human rights and exercising of such rights, and facilitate access to justice.

3. Enhance the involvement of the Tunisian women and girls in the political life, the conduct of public affairs, and in decision-making in order to maintain the peace, resolve the conflicts, and combat terrorism.

4. A better involvement of women and girls in the public and political life, the conduct of public affairs, and in the decision-making.

5. Reinforce the role of women and girls in peace establishment and maintenance, reconstruction, and terrorism prevention.

Civil Society

10 CSOs were involved in the formulation of the NAP, but the extent to which their input was taken onboard isn’t clearly outlined.

Link to SecurityWomen

The NAP doesn’t include mention of the police or peacekeeping, but does call for increased female representation in military decision making.

Peacekeeping Statistics

Tunisia currently contributes 330 peacekeepers, 302 men and 28 women.




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