Yemen's first and only WPS National Action Plan covers the period 2020-2022. There does not appear to be an update in progress.

Objectives of the  2020-2022 NAP

The goal of the Plan:

The Plan aims to protect women during conflict and post-conflict, to enhance their participation in peacekeeping operations, and in economic and social development. 

Priorities of the National Action Plan:

  1. Participation: Enhance women's participation at all levels of decision-making.

Increase women's participation in legislative, executive and judicial authorities, in the military and security sector, and in domestic and international mechanisms to monitor the implementation of the Universal Convention on Human Rights; also in the diplomatic corps, and in dealing with conflicts and maintaining peace. 

  1. Prevention: Ensure the prevention of conflicts and all forms of sexual violence, extremism and terrorism.

Establish gender-sensitive early warning mechanisms; increase women's participation in preventing extremism and violence; activate laws and training for police and army cadres to prevent violence against women. 

  1. Protection: Enhance the protection of women from all forms of violence

Provide health, psychological, and legal support services for women and girls who are victims of violations and abuse; develop guidelines for service providers and implement programmes to empower women in times of conflict and post-conflict; provide education for girls, and establish centres for the rehabilitation of women and girls who are subjected to violence. 

  1. Relief/recovery: Provide women with the humanitarian needs during conflict and post conflict situations, taking into account the need for gender-based sensitivity.

Meet the needs of vulnerable groups of refugee and displaced women & girls, and victims of violence for relief and care services; involve women in disarmament and humanitarian relief and aid efforts, and implement immediate programmes to empower women’s integration into host societies. 


Yemen's civil war began in 2014 when Houthi insurgents gained control of Yemen's capital and the presidential palace. Since then, there has been a continuous battle for power between Houthi rebels and President Hadi, the head of the government who is supported by a coalition of Gulf States with logistical and intelligence support from the US. It has been estimated that over 100,000 people have died and over 4 million displaced since the beginning of the war. As a result, Yemen recognizes the effect of wars on women and children, how they are disproportionately affected by displacement and gender-based violence, and therefore in need of protection.

The matrix at the end of the NAP sets out which agencies are responsible for implementation of the tasks listed under each objective, together with a time frame and some monitoring indicators.

Civil society involvement in development of the NAP

The drafting stage of the NAP saw consultation with a wide range of women’s organisations and other civil society groups working in the security sector, together with displaced women, mothers of detainees, and those injured by the war. The list of these organisations is attached to the main document. However, it appears their many of their recommendations were not included in the final draft, though they are listed as contributors to implementation and monitoring of the NAP in the final matrix.

UN peacekeeping statistics

At September 2023 Yemen was not contributing any UN peacekeeping personnel.

Women and peacekeeping:

The NAP shows commitment to furthering women’s inclusion in security and army, dealing with conflict, and maintaining peace. It could be argued, however, that the NAP places more emphasis on the protection of women as victims rather than their active and meaningful participation in the conflict management and resolution processes as agents.

References and sources

National Actional Plan of Yemen 2020-2022 available in English (unofficial translation) at:

Yemen-NAP-2020-2022.pdf (

Contribution of Uniformed Personnel to UN by Country, Mission, and Personnel Type (Sept 2023): 05-Missions Detailed By Country

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