Yemen's most recent NAP was adopted in 2019 for 2020-2022


1. Main Aim: "The plan aims to provide protection to women during conflict and post-conflict and to enhance their participation in decision-making positions at the local, regional and international levels.It also aims to enhance their role in conflict prevention and peacebuilding."

2. Involving women in peace negotiations to at least 30%

3. Increasing women's participation in the Army andSecurity forces.

4. Ensuring the promotion of women's organisations in peace building programmes

5. Enhance women's participation at all levels of decision making


Yemen's civil war began in 2014when Houthi insurgents gained control of Yemen's capital and the presidential palace. Since then, there has been a continuous battle for power between Houthi rebels and President Hadi, the head of the government supported by a coalition of Gulf States and with logistical and intelligence support from the US. It has been estimated that over 100,000 people have died and over 4 million displaced since the beginning of the war. As a result, Yemen recognises the constant effect of wars on women and children, disproportionately affected by displacement and gender-based violence, therefore, in need of protection.

Civil Society

Civil Society involvement was limited in the creation of the NAP. Support from WILPF and NORAD helped consult grassroots women's organisations in the drafting of the NAP. The drafting stage saw consultation with an intersectional range of women in the security sector, displaced women, mothers of detainees and those injured by the war. However, the recommendations were ignored in the final draft, and no civil society recommendations were integrated into the NAP.

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·     There is a focus on WPS issues both domestically and as a result of conflict.

·     A paragraph within the plan focuses directly on women in peacekeeping operations

·     Highlights women's participation in security points, counter-terrorism efforts and securitised training courses.

·     Commits to furthering the gender balance through increasing women's participation in the army, police and security agencies. 



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