Plan launched 2008


1.  Improved legal and policy environment in relation to enacting laws and policy making on GBV                                                                       

2. Improved performance of the different actors involved in combating GBV                                                                                                          

3. Increase access to appropriate health services and psychosocial  services to victims of SGBV                                                       

4. Increase women's visibility, representation and participation in  leadership and decision-making in national, regional and international  institutions and mechanisms for the prevention, management and resolution of  conflict                                                                                                                       

5. Build community and institutional capacity to ensure the prevention  of GBV in society                                                                                    

6. Increased financing to all sectors for implementation


Uganda's NAP appears to be a combination of implementing the UNSCR 1325 and the GOMA  Declaration, which aims to end violence against women.                                                     

"In the past three decades, several parts of Uganda, including  Northern Uganda, Karamoja region, West Nile, Luweero Triangle and Kasese have experienced violent civil and armed conflicts. The most devastating conflict  has been in Northern Uganda, for over two decades, resulting in hundreds of  thousand people dead, over 60,000 children abducted and close to two million  people internally displaced.In combination with societal factors and  traditional practices the already weakened position of women creates an ideal  environment for increased incidents of GBV."                                       

Civil Society

Local peace initiatives incorporated within government plans at the national and  local government levels, NGOs, Civil Society Organisations, and private  sector, as well as a network among CSOs that handle issues of gender-based  violence.

Women in Peacekeeping

Monitoring  the number of women in the armed forces and recruited in the peace missions  as well as roles in UN field-based operations and peace building operations.

UN Peacekeeping Statistics

Police  Officers: 8 out of 23                            Experts on  Mission: 2 out of 3                     Troops: 87 out of 625

Staff Officers: 0 out of 3


1.  Uganda NAP                    2. UN -  Peacekeeping Contributions 

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