Taiwan’s first female Reservists start training

Wikimedia Commons/Taiwanese government: Female Taiwanese soldier outside the Office of the President in Taipei, 2017
May 12, 2023

Fourteen of Taiwan’s volunteer female reservists have reported in for five days of military training.  They are the first women in Taiwan to undertake the same training as their male counterparts.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence announced it would start training female reservists earlier this year.  Previously only male reservists had received the training because there was not the capacity to accommodate men and women. Participants had complained for decades that this was a form of gender discrimination, but now the military have established separate dormitories and bathrooms for women reservists at their training establishments.

Major General Hsiey Yung-Wei said that during the training all reservists, regardless of gender, participate in live-fire rifle exercises and other activities according to their expertise.

One of the participants said it is important for women to have the same reservist training as their male counterparts. “I want to do my part to safeguard the country,” she said.

In 2021, 8,915 women were listed as reservists. In addition to the reservists, 15 percent of Taiwan’s 180,000 active military personnel are women, military data showed.  The Ministry said 220 female reservists have already volunteered to go through the required training this year.

For the full story please see:  First female reservists start training - Taipei Times

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