SecurityWomen recognised for its work by the UN

January 24, 2023

In December 2022, SecurityWomen was given special consultative status with the UN system by ECOSOC, the principal UN agency which is in charge of accreditation of INGOs each year and is the main UN body that formally consults with civil society. 376 new INGOs were accredited in 2022 out of 1150 applying.  

This will enable SecurityWomen to take part in conferences and other events of the UN, in New York, Geneva and Vienna. It joins 5000 NGOs from across the world able to participate in the UN’s work.

UN ECOSOC hosts the annual UNGA each September, CSW each March and the HLPF on the SDGs each July, and is the UN main body concerned with coordination, policy review, and making recommendations on issues of economic and social development. 

“This is a great step for SecurityWomen,” said Juliet Colman, CEO of SecurityWomen, which she founded in 2015.  “We look forward to taking part in UN ECOSOC activities and representing the views of women in the security sector, in particular women working as international peacekeepers. The SW team can now take a much more active role in the UN system, particularly permanently based in Vienna, Geneva and of course New York"

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