Exchanging ideas to close the gender gap in South and South-East Asia

UN Women/Flickr
March 7, 2024

Over 40 participants from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam attended the Regional Workshop on Gender-Responsive Community-Oriented Policing in South Asia and South-East Asia from February 21 to 23, held in Bangkok. The workshop was hosted by UN Women in partnership with the Republic of Korea – in collaboration with the UN Police Standing Police Capacity.

Community-oriented policing prioritises prevention to change conditions that lead to crime and insecurity, as opposed to responding to individual incidents after the fact. From a gender perspective, this involves including women in problem solving, as well as early warning mechanisms and conflict prevention.

The workshop equipped participants with how to develop and implement gender-responsive community-oriented policing policies and plans, exchanged ideas on how to improve community engagement and address the early warning signs of crime and violence, as well as shared individual lived experiences as police.

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