Women Leaders in Cybersecurity

February 5, 2018

February 5, 2018: Team leaders are usually managers and occupy a position of leadership in their respective companies. But even though women have made significant gains in obtaining leadership positions in the U.S. workforce, there remains a gender imbalance: women represent only 4.8 percent of CEOs in Fortune 500 companies. This disparity is also found in the field of corporate security where women have made some progress in advancing to leadership levels. Still, there are considerably more men than women in the field of security, and fewer female role models or mentors. This is disconcerting for women when they look to other successful women for support, guidance, and sponsorship in advancing their careers.

A recent study explores this issue. The study's intent was to identify themes in the stories of women leaders in the corporate security field, to better understand the factors that compelled them to enter the field, and the challenges, obstacles, opportunities, and enablers they encountered in reaching the ranks of leadership.

Read the full story: Leading While Female (sm.asisonline.org)

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