Vietnam adopts its first Women, Peace and Security National Action Plan

UNMISS/Flickr: Vietnamese woman peacekeeper in South Sudan
April 17, 2024

Vietnam has become the third Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) member state to adopt a national action programme (NAP) for the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda, promoting meaningful inclusion of women in peace and security decision-making. Vietnam follows the Philippines in 2010, and Indonesia in 2014.

ASEAN launched its own regional plan on the subject in 2022.

Previously, Vietnam served as the 2020 ASEAN Chair, and hosted the 20th anniversary commemoration of the UN resolution through an international conference on strengthening women’s role in building and sustaining peace. The Hanoi Commitment to Action, a commitment to accelerating meaningful implementation of the WPS Agenda, was signed by 75 UN member states at the conference.

Vietnam also hosted the ASEAN Ministerial Dialogue on Strengthening Women’s Role for Sustainable Peace and Security, which focused on enhancing the promotion of WPS in ASEAN and supporting its implementation in the region.

Outside the region, Vietnam has sent many women peacekeepers to UN peacekeeping missions, including to South Sudan.

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