Ukraine certifies second sample of women's body armour

Ministry of Defence of Ukraine
January 15, 2024

A second sample of body armour has been adapted to the structure of the female body in Ukraine – without altering its ballistic characteristics.

The armour was designed by the company Temp-3000 and went through two testing stages over three months. First, personnel tested the armour for comfort, and second, laboratory testing was conducted (both ballistic and non-ballistic).

Three damping pads of differing sizes have been added for shock absorption, and will also allow the armour to be adjusted to individual body types thereby helping to better fit the anatomical features of each women. This differs from the first approved body armour for women designed by the Ukrainian Armour company, which only has a single outward-curved armour plate.

The new armour weighs upwards of 10.5kg, depending on the configuration.

According to Deputy Defence Minister Vitalii Polovenko, Ukrainian Armour can produce up to 10,000 sets of body armour in 60-90 days, while Temp-3000 can produce 5,000 sets every month.

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